Graphic design is indispensable in the modern marketing world. It is more than aesthetics; it makes businesses communicate better to the audience. According to a survey of over 1000 businesses, 81% of business organizations use graphic design in a variety of formats. It was also uncovered in the same study that companies hire graphic designers or use graphic design software because they want to communicate effectively with their customers.

Many companies hire graphic designers. The ability to create images that convey messages and ideas is valuable in a wide range of industries. While hiring a team of full-time graphic designers is ideal, there are instances where you only have a small team with only one or two designers but with a ginormous amount of tasks. This is where graphic design tools come in handy.

In a nutshell, graphic design tools are applications or programs that allow graphic designers to manipulate images and graphics into appealing visual content. Such content is typically used to market products or services.

Which Industries Need Graphic Design Tools?

1. Graphic Design

It is difficult to imagine a world without graphic design. This industry is expected to transform simple imagery into something amazing. They cater to all industries that need graphic designing services. With the volume of tasks to be done, having graphic design tools can lighten a designer’s load. Some of these tools are not only effective at making a designer productive but will also help create spectacular designs using a variety of features and functions.

2. Marketing

A lot of graphic designers find a career in this field because their talents are crucial in creating visual assets for marketing purposes. It is impossible to implement an effective marketing campaign without the best graphics. It would be convenient for a marketing team to be aided with graphic design tools that will help them create dynamic promotional content for their campaigns. 

3. Web Design and Development

Graphic design software plays a critical role in arranging the visual elements of a website. It is essential to come up with a design that can convert customers, boost brand awareness, and elevate the overall user experience. A complete interactive web design can only be made with a talented graphic designer or with the assistance of graphic design tools.

4. Gaming 

The user interface (UI) of a video game is what makes it special. It entails all components that make the user interact with the game, manage the settings, monitor the current status, and access the different tools. It would take plenty of visual assets for a single game to function, so graphic design tools are vital from creating to launching video games.

5. Print Media 

Graphic designers have been highly in demand in this industry ever since.  Printed works, such as magazines, newspapers, and books, need a good design to have both eye-catching and easy-to-read content. Graphic design tools are valuable in creating visually consistent materials that the target audience can appreciate.

Benefits of Graphic Design Tools

Probably one of the best design tips you will ever have is to never carry the entire load of the design tasks on your shoulders. Work wisely and use graphic design tools instead to have more time to preserve your creative juices and sanity.

The benefits of being aided with a tool or two in graphic designing are as follows:

1. Increase Productivity 

A lot of work happens throughout the design process. You will need all the help you can get, given that you only have a small team to work on hundreds of graphics and images daily. Graphic design tools take a load of tasks from the team. This will allow you to focus on tasks that matter more, such as improving the products and services, developing new products, or simply managing the business better.

2. Saves Time 

A lot of the tasks involved in the design process are repetitive. Photo background removal, for example, is essential when you are going to post product photos. While it is an easy job for a designer to do, it is very time-consuming. A reliable tool, like background remover, can do the same job in seconds. So, if you are after saving time for your team, having the right tools is a great solution.

3. Saves Money 

You waste resources when you are wasting time. Graphic design tools ensure no delays during the production process because designers can do their job more easily. As for quality, do remember that cheap designs can be expensive because of the redesigns that may be needed to do in the future. This is why graphic design software is useful for a small design team. You get to preserve the talent of your graphic design team by providing the best tools that will assist them in creating noteworthy designs.

4. High-Quality Visuals 

Graphic design ensures that you can communicate your unique brand story to the customers. This story will be easier to digest if you have high-quality visuals to present. Being armed with the best graphic design tools guarantees that you deliver the story with clarity to support the brand message.

8 Graphic Design Tools For Your Team

What mega brands Apple, Tesla, and Coca-Cola have in common is that they have harnessed the power of design. You can learn from them that it is not always all about hiring the best graphic designers in the industry. Rather, you need to be aware of which graphic design tools to have, especially if you have a small team.


Creating pro-level designs is easy with the drag-and-drop feature of the Easil graphic design tool. You can store and manage all of your brand assets in one place with its Brand Kit. There are over a million free stock images that will let you create exclusive brand templates. Easil is also effective at maintaining brand consistency across all your designs. It is so easy to use that even the non-designer teammates cannot possibly mess anything up.


Doing the marketing of your business probably means dealing with hundreds of product images, especially if you are in the sales industry. One of the basics in editing product photos is removing the backgrounds. This makes it easier to upload on selling platforms where either a transparent or a white/neutral background is required for product photos.

Removal.AI is an innovative solution that will let you remove backgrounds from photos in a snap. It is powered by AI technology, so you do not have to do anything other than upload the photos and let Removal.AI work its magic. Other than batch photo processing, it also has awesome photo editing features. You can use it to make photo retouches or change the backgrounds without having to switch tools. 

As a next-generation design creation platform, Kittl has the right tools for precision image editing and design creation. It has thousands of professionally-designed templates that you can customize to fit your branding. You can enhance your assets with thousands of high-quality illustrations, award-winning fonts, and innovative editing functions like texture clipping, magic recoloring, and more!


It is typical for startups and small businesses to have only one graphic designer on the marketing team. The usual scenario is that the whole team is burdened by the design tasks, especially when it is time to create fresh designs for new campaigns. Avoid rushing and pressuring the designer to create beautiful illustrations and other graphics with Designstripe. This tool will allow the rest of the team to work on design-related tasks even without any design skills. Create mockups, customize styles, and make awesome content that your customers will love.


Hand-drawn vector illustrations have that certain charm that is perfect for small businesses. Drawkit has a lot of fun and friendly illustrations that are great for digital marketing, SEO, and e-commerce needs. It is one of the best resources of design assets that can assist the design team to unleash their creativity. The high-quality visuals in their extensive collections can be customized for them to fit your campaigns. Talented illustrators and designers are regularly adding new illustrations, including animations, new styles, and modular illustration kits.


If you’re in need of some high-quality video content, Renderforest is definitely worth checking out. With a wide range of templates to choose from, it’s easy to create something that looks professional and polished. And even if you’re not super tech-savvy, the site is still user-friendly and easy to navigate. So whether you’re looking to create brand videos or just spruce up your website design, give Renderforest a try.

Their prices begin at $9.99 per month for the Lite package, which is perfect for businesses that are in their growth stage. If you need advanced growth tools and first-rate designs, then the Pro package is ideal for you – it’s only $19.99 per month! And finally, if you’re an enterprise or team that wants to achieve amazing results, then opt for the Business solution – it’s just $19.99 per seat! 

Scaling the company’s visual communications is a team effort. Flexitive allows both the marketing and design teams to work together and create dynamic designs for your business. Its capabilities are focused on helping you generate design variations faster. This will enable you to produce many variations of your designs that are ready to be uploaded in different formats on a variety of platforms. 

This tool is highly effective at minimizing repetitive and time-consuming tasks during design creation. IMG.LY has the best solutions to make your team create applications that will make photo and video editing a lot simpler and faster. It is a great tool for creating amazing designs that startups and small businesses need to promote brand awareness. With its fast-improving technology, your team can easily adjust and even get ahead of industry shifts. It also has a fully-customizable UI so your team can work with ease.

What Graphic Design Tools Does Your Team Use?

Graphic design is important for any business. You can see graphic design work everywhere. Be it on food labels, signages, or flyers, and on any website, blog, or social media pages. It is essential in all industries that need to sell or promote products or services. It is crucial in expanding brand reach by effectively presenting the brand message. Graphic design also helps create credibility no matter what industry you are in.

First impressions matter, and graphic design tools are one of the best ways to ensure that your company makes a positive and lasting impression. Visual marketing materials set the tone of the first interaction with customers. It is vital, therefore, to capitalize on this initial interaction by producing relevant, updated, and impressive graphics that introduce your business.