Would you like to hold conferences even though you are hundreds or even thousands of kilometers away? Whether you are in Munich, New York, or Berlin, with a videoconferencing tool like iMind.com, it is no longer necessary to go on a business trip to meet business executives of a partner company. But what is the iMind video conference anyway? 

What Is the iMind Video Conference Tool?

iMind.com is a videoconferencing tool that describes a technology that enables multiple users to take part in a virtual meeting. It doesn’t matter where you are or the people you want to communicate with. One colleague works in the home office, another is stationed at a location somewhere in the world. With the iMind chat for business tool, you can hold meetings, and exchange projects and data live and flexibly.

The first concepts of video communication date back to the beginning of the 20th century, but only became relevant in the 1990s with the development of the Internet. Better internet connections allowed higher-quality image and audio data to be transmitted and the era of video conferences was ushered in. 57% of Germans now use video conferencing tools like iMind. But the number will certainly increase many times over in the near future and it will no longer be possible to imagine the world of work without it.

Setting Up iMind

The operation and setup of the iMind video conferencing service are very easy. All you need is to go to the website of a video conferencing tool on a smartphone, a laptop, or a computer with a webcam and headset. 

Then connect your office or conference room to the conference system. That is, simply have the background set and the speaker ready and in front of the camera. When you’re ready, simply tap Create a room in the dashboard and send the link to those you want to join the meeting. 

What Can You Use the Video Conferencing Tool For?

It’s important to understand that the video chat for business tools isn’t just for the top floor. Even smaller and less important conversations can be designed with this video conference tool. For example, you can:

  • initiate quick brainstorms between colleagues;
  • discuss simple weekly updates;
  • conduct sales talks with customers;
  • manage the training of new employees;
  • make a rapid exchange of data and information;
  • conduct job interviews;
  • or use it for homeschooling or online studies. 

This video conferencing tool can be used for the aforementioned purposes. 

The Main Advantages of iMind 

Yes there are many other video conferencing tools, but iMind stands out among others due to its numerous advantages. Some of the advantages of iMind include:

Flexible Usage 

iMind is carefully designed with user flexibility in mind. First, it offers the best payment plan. While you may need to subscribe to a plan to enjoy its full features, it also has a free plan mode. With this, you can test-run the tool to a certain extent. Also, the tool can be used on a smartphone making it convenient to use by all and sundry. You don’t have to go about with your computer because you want to join a video meeting. With your mobile phone, you can create or join a video meeting from anywhere. 

High Video Quality 

iMind is not just another video conferencing tool, it offers a premium quality video. This means you don’t have to deal with poor videos if you choose to record the meeting. What you will get is a high-quality crystal clear video. It transmits from SD to HD quality. 

Sound Treated

iMind is sound treated making it easy to make a video from anywhere and anytime. You have nothing to worry about as the tool has the capacity to stop background noise from interfering with the video meeting. When you are on the tool, it is as though your space has been acoustically treated to eliminate interferences that may reduce sound quality. 

Finally, iMind has a good reputation with users online. First, the iMind reviews are mostly positive and there are a lot of other reputable review sites with good things to say about their iMind experience. 


A video conferencing tool like iMind has the potential to replace traditional conversations and meetings. The video calls with HD pictures are much more personal and lively. It almost looks like a real meeting. As you can see, the video conferencing tool can also be used for all sorts of things. So why make conference participants travel far for a meeting?