There are no borders on the internet, so the gambling enthusiast can use machines from all over the world, choosing But when it comes to financial matters, you have to make a choice – some gambling halls offer a limited choice of currencies, others prescribe a list of countries whose users cannot play. Others just automatically report the information to the tax authorities, depriving you of some of your income or social security benefits. Cryptocurrency solves this problem – decentralised analogues of money are 100% anonymous. By earning income in Bitcoin or other tokens, some restrictions can be circumvented. 

What are Cryptocurrency Gambling Rooms 

Casinos Rarely rely solely on cryptocurrency. Usually, such payment systems complement the usual list of financial instruments from bank cards and e-wallets. In most cases, only the main cryptocurrencies offered are bitcoin and etherium, but cryptocurrency-focused establishments may have bets in tokens from the entire first hundred:

  • bitcoin cache and doggy coins;
  • monero or vertcoins;
  • stellar and litecoin. 

This list could be supplemented by stackable tokens – digital coins pegged to fiat and equal to that equivalent. Almost all of the world’s major national banks already support them. 

Casinos that focus on cryptocurrency can support virtually all coins. The only question is whether they are in demand. If a coin is listed on an exchange and has some value, the casino can add it. The only question will be the form of acceptance and withdrawal – coins can be transferred directly from wallet to wallet (personal or as part of a cryptocurrency exchange) or in the form of an exchanger’s check. Technically, the casino can accept either option. 

For the player, the interface is pretty much the same as that seen by visitors to a regular gaming desk. There will be a list of instruments or a set of logos in the till. What remains to be found is an option for which it is not difficult to find a wallet or exchange that provides one. 

How to Gamble on Cryptocurrency 

To begin with, you need to make sure that such financial transactions will be convenient to conduct. If it is bitcoin or ether, there will be no problems with storing and exchanging coins. Lesser known tokens are more difficult to exchange – you need to make sure that there is an exchange that accepts them and gives out funds in a currency that can be used. You also need to get the coins with which the account is funded: 

  • buy on an exchange or from an exchanger;
  • earn your own money;
  • receive as a result of a segvite for free. 

Once the desired token has appeared in your account, you simply select the appropriate top-up icon and transfer the funds with the secure part of the token. 

If the casino has several top-up options, the matter becomes even simpler. In this case, you can top up in the usual Swedish krona, and when withdrawing, you can choose already the cryptocurrency and vice versa. This will simplify and speed up the process. But in this case, it is necessary to check what exactly the exchange rate is at – such information can be obtained from the casino’s support. 

When you withdraw funds the process goes in the opposite direction. Once you have enough money to withdraw, you have to choose an equivalent and request the cashout step by step. It is not necessary to have a separate wallet – practically any wallet is provided by exchanger or cryptocurrency exchange for the time being. If the user has been working with tokens for a long time, you can specify your own in the purpose of the transfer. 

Transactions with unfamiliar coins are often scary. In the case of cryptocurrencies, fears are exacerbated by the complexity of price formation and the principle of transaction confirmation. But casinos take on the complexity in many cases – even if a particular blockchain involves a lengthy confirmation process, the casino speeds it up by sending money instantly. 

Advantages of Casinos with Cryptocurrency Payments 

The main advantage of cryptocurrencies is the anonymity of the transfers. It is impossible to trace who and when the funds came from. This solves the issue of income legalization. There are also other advantages: 

  • speed of transactions;
  • no geographical reference;
  • exchange of currencies for any fiat currency;
  • no political restrictions. 

The individual advantages are not on the surface. The tokens do have too much volatility and the price changes literally by the hour. During the time that the funds are on the balance sheet, they can grow on their own and generate income, even if the player is not betting. The main thing is to calculate the time of value growth in time. This can be done with the help of bank indicators. The main thing to remember is that you cannot withdraw without going through the bets. Some minimum volume of bets will have to be made. 

Disadvantages and Risks of Cryptocurrency Casinos 

A disadvantage of cryptocurrencies is the need to convert to fiat after withdrawal. If there is no such option in the casino itself, the exchanger will have to pay. For those who are used to working and spending in digital assets, however, this is not a disadvantage. In this case, it is safe to choose a crypto casino.