Thermal Vacuum Space Simulation Chamber

The Thermal Vacuum Space Simulation Chamber from TotalTemp Technologies is the perfect solution for small space simulation requirements. This system can simulate the effect of space conditions on test objects, providing accurate data and results. The chamber consists of a vacuum-insulated container with an integrated temperature control platform system that allows temperatures ranging from -75°C to +175°C. It also comes equipped with staged vacuum pumps, heating elements, and a cooling system that will maintain consistent temperatures within the chamber.

Additionally, it has a human-machine interface (HMI) which allows ease of operation and remote monitoring capabilities. With its advanced technology and reliable components, the Thermal Vacuum Space Simulation Chamber is ideal for any type of small research or testing in space simulation environments. Furthermore, the chamber is built to last and is available at competitive prices. TotalTemp Technologies stands by its commitment of providing quality products and services that are sure to help you achieve your space simulation needs. Get in touch with us today and discover what our Thermal Vacuum Space Simulation Chamber can do for you!

Mechanically Refrigerated Thermal Platforms

TotalTemp Technologies offers a diverse range of Mechanically Refrigerated Thermal Platforms to meet all of your thermal screening requirements. Our platforms are designed with the latest technology, allowing them to provide superior performance and reliability. Whether you are doing testing on avionics packages, cell infrastructure, medical products or simulating other demanding environments, these small and medium size platforms can expedite your cooling process without the need for Liquid Nitrogen, Liquid CO2 , lab-consuming temperature chambers or large refrigeration systems. TotalTemp Technologies has the perfect solution for you.

Our systems are built with safety and convenience in mind. Systems feature advanced sensors to log and monitor system and device temperatures plus conditionally halt or alert users that conditions are in or out of range. With our robust selection of products and customization options, we can help you find the perfect fit that meets your individual requirements. Additionally, our team of experts is available to answer any questions you have about our Mechanically Refrigerated or Cryogenic Thermal Platforms.

From testing electronic components to medical testing/conditioning, TotalTemp Technologies has the perfect Mechanically Refrigerated Thermal Platform for your business’ needs. Contact us today and discover how our products can help you stay ahead of the competition and provide superior conductive thermal screening. As a leader in the industry, we are committed to delivering quality products that exceed customer expectations every time. Discover why TotalTemp Technologies is the right choice for all of your cooling needs.

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