Work occupies a significant part of our lives. Therefore, it should bring satisfaction and meet not only the employer’s requirements but also yours. It is important to anticipate all possible moments. Let’s talk about what a cloud engineer and any other specialist should pay attention to in order not to make a mistake when choosing a job and why it is so important.

The difference in values

If you feel during communication with a company representative that the company’s values do not coincide with your personal ones and will demand unacceptable things from you, it is not yours. Even if you agree to this job, over time, on the basis of different values, you will develop a reluctance to work, irritation will arise from performing everyday duties. You will not be able to close your eyes all the time to things that do not suit you morally or psychologically. As a result, dismissal is inevitable. Therefore, immediately make a list of things that you will not be able to put up with in any case and remember them every time before an interview with a recruiter.

Unprofessionalism of the company

When choosing a vacancy, carefully look at the company. If representatives communicate with you unprofessionally, in an arbitrary form that does not express the essence of future employment, this is not a serious approach. And accordingly, it can express a comprehensive management approach to solving tasks and creating projects. Therefore, it is better to refuse immediately and continue looking for vacancies. If you are a DevOps engineer, you can look up credible jobs here.

Personnel turnover

If the company you’re trying to get a job at has a high turnover rate, this indicates an internal problem. These can be difficulties in communicating with management, corporate rules, low wages, excessive demands, etc. The best way to find out is to ask why your predecessor quit.

Unclear duties

If you are going to enter into a contract with the company, you have the right to claim a clear description of future duties. Never plan to work with people who can’t explain what you’re supposed to do, how, and why. The task must be correctly formulated and voiced. In addition, options for resolving situations in the event of force majeure and extraordinary circumstances should be specified. Don’t believe the phrases “You’ll see later”, “We’ll figure it out as we go along”, etc. You run the risk of falling into labor slavery, where you will do much more work than you are paid for it.

Incompatibility of work rhythm

If you are an introvert by nature, and you are offered to work in an office, first get to know the team. To understand whether you will be uncomfortable in this environment. The same applies to extroverts who are offered remote work. This is one of the most important factors that shape further success and desire to work.

It is necessary to carefully choose vacancies, using a reliable website, because work is for a long time. And this is not only your financial income, but also most of your life, a matter to which you devote a maximum of your time and effort. And accordingly, you have the opportunity to grow professionally and get moral satisfaction.