We wrote a post on Website Builders a few days ago and received many questions regarding it. Most commonly asked question was how well do website builders compare to WordPress? And today I am going to share my personal insights on this topic.

WordPress vs Website Builders

#1 Ease of Use

For People who do not want to indulge into complicated stuff like cPanel, Web Hosting, File Management, etc. Website Builders seem like an easy option. There are many easy to use site editors and builders which are popular among webmasters these days.

So if you want something really simple, then website builders are a good option.

#2 Scalability

I have never seen a Website builder that could facilitate the building of a scalable website. Most Website Builders are easy to work with if your site has static content, which changes once in a few months.

WordPress is known to be one of the most scalable Content Management Systems on the web, and its scalable like hell.

#3 Extending with Plugins

Many few Website Builders have Add-ons. But WordPress comes with a ton of Add ons and Plugins to make your site do a lot more than you want. For Example, the WooCommerce Plugin could help you convert an existing WordPress website into a full-fledged woocommerce store anytime you want. And its easier to integrate payment options and gateways as well.

This is something Website Builders cannot do.

#4 User Management

Website Builders are generally used when you want a single user to edit and control the website. And all front-end users are to be treated as Logged out Guest Visitors, then Website Builders triumph. But when you want people to sign up on your site, create and manage their own account, WordPress and its plugins are the way to go.

#5 Performance

In Certain cases, Web sites built through website Builders are faster than WordPress, because less PHP execution is involved and most files are static HTML files. However, WP sites can also be optimized for speed and will perform exceptionally well. Some Good Web hosts help you in optimizing your website speed as well.


If you want a simple static website, and you are on a much lower budget and you are not in the mood to learn the basics of WordPress – go with Website Builders. If you have future plan for your website which requires you to do a lot more than just display static information – Go with WordPress.