Have you started a new business or launched a new product, and now you need to endorse it? Or are you an artist and need to promote your art through social media? Well, social media has grown to be the most powerful medium to promote or endorse anything. However, to properly endorse your product and make it go viral you need to have more and more viewers. Instagram is an excellent way to convey your message through beautiful and unique pictures, but on Instagram, you need to be seen. Otherwise, you will go unnoticed, and to be seen you need to have more followers.

Getting more and more followers is not as easy as it sounds, and also not as difficult as it is told. If you follow some simple steps and rules, you will see a good number of followers on your account in a very short period of time.

So, let’s discuss a few ways in which you can increase your following on Instagram. There are some organic ways and some, well, not so clean methods. We’ll discuss both.

1. Stay focused

When you begin endorsing your product, it will be challenging to gain more followers. It’s not easy to get people’s attention when they have so many other options. However, you need to remain calm and focused. It might seem like you are just wasting your time, but trust me it will pay off. It might go a little slow in the beginning, but you will gain pace eventually. Just stay determined.

2. Plan everything

You might think that being active on all social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, tumble, twitter, etc. will give you an edge, however, it might just be an illusion. If you remain active on all of the websites, you will only exhaust yourself and get tired of it soon. However, if you keep your focus on one platform, such as Instagram, you will have more energy to put all the efforts that it needs.

3. Even out the followers

If you have gained a good following on Twitter, let’s suppose, and you need the same to happen to your Instagram account, just put out a tweet asking your Twitter followers to follow your Instagram account as well. In this way, you can even out your Twitter and Instagram followers.

4. Buy real Instagram followers

This might not be a very clean and organic way to increase your Instagram following. However, it can help you get a start when you are struggling. You can buy real Instagram followers, which means the accounts that are active, at good prices if you make a good deal.

5. Start socializing

For people to go to your Instagram page and follow it, they must know about your product, and how will they know about it? Well, you will tell them. Talk about your product with your social circle, let people know about it. If you are successful in impressing the people, well congratulations now these people will bring more followers to you.

6. Add your social media links to your website

If your website does not have the links to your social media profiles, you are doing it all wrong. Put links to your social media profiles on your websites so that you that the viewers can immediately follow your pages and don’t have to go looking for it, because it might make them less interested.

7. Utilize the social media groups

On every social media platform, you will find specific groups dedicated to various kinds of products and discussions. These groups can prove to be a golden opportunity for you to talk about your product or services. Talk in these groups, let people know about you. Use # on twitter to start a conversation or become a part of an ongoing conversation. This will surely attract more followers, and you will see your following to increase in a very brief time period.

8. Be unique

Social media is a tough game to be in. You need to stand out from the rest of the people, and for this, you need to be unique in what you do, you might be providing the same services as many other people, but the way you convey your point can prove to be a game changer for you. Be unique, be classy, and be clear in what you say.

Social media following is not an easy thing to gain, however, if you remain focused and determined you can be the new trend on Twitter, the new viral idea on Facebook and the new class on Instagram. It all depends on how you portray yourself.