Do you have that talent in yourself to be creative? And are you looking for some extra streams of revenue other than your ongoing one? Well you have a brilliant option to earn money online using your creativity.

There are many graphic designers who are selling their art through various online platforms and earning heavily. You can also be one among them. In this article, we will give you some tips to ensure you are on right track to start your earning.

Build Product Portfolio

Since you are creative, you might have some amazing graphic examples to show to people. Make a portfolio website that shows all your graphic design projects so far. This will ensure that the people who land to your website have something interesting to explore. And if they like your portfolio, who knows they become your next client.

Building a website will also bring new clients to you, if you have taken good care of your site’s SEO. And if new clients will keep on coming, your revenue stream will keep on flowing.

Sell on Online Marketplaces

With your graphic designs, you have something to sell. Your website will ensure one way of your earning, but you also need to go to different marketplaces to sell your product. Just like many retailers have their own website, but along with that they are also selling on Amazon or Flipkart. You can also do the same.

Sign up at different marketplaces like Envato, Creative market etc, and sell your designs there. These are some reputed places where your products will get an outreach very quickly. Till the time your own site picks up pace, these marketplaces will help you achieve your goal.

Design Business Cards and Flyers

When you are starting your own business, advertising it becomes very important. And one of the best ways to advertise is through your own business cards and flyers. Distribute them to the people you think might be your future clients. Keep sending across various types of flyers every few months to keep in touch with them. This will definitely remind them of you in times of need. You can also collaborate with with an online printing company and get a lot more orders.

All the above options are necessary if you are starting a new business and wish to start earning from it soon. You might have to invest some amount initially. But in long run, it will bring you way more profits than you would have imagined.