Besides social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, Quora is another important platform that drives a lot of users to your website. The major plus point of this is that you need not pay to bring traffic.

Today Quora has become the biggest Q&A forum worldwide. People ask any and every thing here. All your queries are answered. You even find tutorials to your problems, and many more. Whether you have a business website, or just a blog, you can drive a lot of traffic to your site by using Quora aptly. You can also hire someone or use a recommended link building service to build links for your website which includes quora and other similar platforms. But if you wish to do it yourself, read on.

Here we will list down some important DO’s which would help you in driving good amount of traffic from the site.

Complete your profile

This is the basic and most important step for efficient growth. Just don’t enter your name and start your engine. Take out time and fill your complete profile. Start with a perfect and catchy Profile Bio, and give yourself an awesome Headline. This headline will appear below your name in every answer you submit.

After completing your profile, decide on what are you expert in. Chose some fields by which you will be known later. But just remember, your Bio should resonate with the topics you chose. This will build your overall credibility.

Select “Major” Questions

People often make mistake when it comes to choosing questions to answer. In the race of getting backlinks, they try answering each and every petty question asked. This should not be done.

Find out the questions that are having large number of views or large number of answers. This guarantees that people search an answer for this question very often. But be careful, chose questions that fall in your interest category.

Write the Best Answer Possible

In your chosen question, see what type of answers are getting maximum upvotes. You need to make your answer better than that to drive ample traffic. There is no specific formula as to what kind of answers people like to read.

ExampleLyocell is the answer to Environmentally sustainable Fiber, and anyone looking for something like this can get their answer on the Lyocell website. You should also focus on providing answers like these.

But some good pointers to keep in mind are that your content should not be in just 1 long paragraph. Try to break it into small meaningful paragraphs. Give bullet points, headings, and subheadings wherever possible. Include images and videos where you can. But do not overdo it.

Embedding Videos into an answer is also a good idea. If you can not find any suitable videos, you can take help of an online video converter to create your own videos by combining existing videos from various sources.

You can share your own personal stories as well. People definitely love to read them. Make your answer according to the reader’s interest, and not keeping your own business and interest in mind.

These few tactics will ensure you bring in enough traffic from Quora. Try to mix match your internal linking, giving some links to other high authority websites as well. Along with these, try to write some answers that do not have any links at all. Writing all answers to your website will definitely bring you harm than benefit. So try to keep everything mixed.