People love reading articles that have images in it. But did you know that you cannot use any and every photo available on the internet? Who knows you might be violating some serious copyright laws.

Moreover, when you see an image on the internet that fascinates you instantly, it is difficult to know if you can use that for your own benefit or not. In that case, what should you do now? How would you know which image to use and which not?

Don’t worry! Every problem has a definite solution. Here, we will let you know some guidelines and websites which will help you get the photos you wish for. This information will also save you from infringing on the copyrights.

Take permissions for Copyright images

There are certain images which are not available for reuse unless you take proper permissions. People sometimes consider that photoshopped images can be re-used. But this is not true. It is a complete decision of the photographer or image creator whether to make it publically available for reuse or not.

So if the image falls under such a category, take proper permission from the creator. They might not allow you to use. But sometimes, they do give permissions, required you give them proper credits. But don’t take this matter lightly. You cannot use the images and give credits without actually asking them.

Images with no copyright issues

Certain pictures, like movie posters, have no copyrights associated with them. You can use them wherever and however you want. Besides these, other images like movie scenes and video screenshots also can be used by anyone without worrying of infringement.

An Example of this would be the cestpasbien website which uses movie posters without any issues. But these images can be used only when you are not using them for resale. You can use them in your articles or blogs. But using them for commercial reasons is totally prohibited.

Copyright free images from Google

Did you know that Google itself helps you out in some cases when you want some free images? It has variety of options depending upon what kind of use you are taking. To check out free images on google, go to, or simple click on images by typing any text. Under the “Tools” option, click on “Usage Rights”, and select “Labelled for reuse”.

The images that will now appear can be used for your personal uses, keeping in mind you do not use them for any commercial purpose.

Websites to find Images

Other than Google and other sources, there are some very high authority websites as well, from where you can download images for free. Some of these are Pixabay, Pexels, and many more. You can use these images freely without bothering about infringements.

There are some sites like Shutterstock, where you can find paid images. Whichever image you like to use, pay for that and use it wherever you like. You can even upload your own images on these sites for others to re-use.