Let’s first talk about who all are the possible local service providers we are talking about here. These can be the carpenter, plumber, electrician, AC repair, and many more servicemen. Most of the times these people go from home to home giving away their contact cards. And if time comes, they get contacted through those cards and deliver their services.

But all this gets very limited when you work in a locality or go from home to home. If you are a group of people who can provide these services, what could you do to increase your business outside of your residency? This article is going to be useful for businesses like Houston security services whose services are limited to areas in Houston.

There are many ways to promote such businesses. You could create websites that simply review your products. For example, read the review of some POS Systems popular in America and take a look at the website on how it promotes the products successfully.

Let’s look at some of the possible ways to increase the outreach of similar businesses.

Facebook Groups

These days, Facebook has become the one stop solution for everything. Whether you have to find places to stay, places to visit, special artists or services, Facebook gives you everything. And hence, it is one of the best platforms to reach out to people.

You can join groups of your city or such services and then start talking to people there. Let them know about your work and build connections. These people would then become your customers once they come to know about you and your credibility.


Newspapers are another source of communication. But this is the most expensive way out of all. To publish any sort of add in newspaper requires money. So if you have extra money to shell, you can create and send classifieds in the newspaper section to make the people aware of your service. Since classifieds are curated from city to city, it becomes easy for servicemen like plumber to make the entire city aware of their services through these classifieds.

Create a Website

Even if you are a single person, a website will always be beneficial if you are providing some kind of service to people. You can create your own website and talk about what you do. Use WordPress and various freely available themes to build an easy to use and attractive website.

You can then work on the SEO of the website or ask somebody’s help in this regard. A website which is totally optimized for your given service will be highly beneficial for you. The optimization will help you rank well in Google results when people look out for related services.