These days, people are getting more and more conscious of their health. Despite having a sedentary lifestyle, many wish to stay fit by following some exercise routines, or nutritional diets. And amidst all of these, health & fitness websites become one of the major visiting point for all these people.

Since people search for health-related information more often, the competition in this segment is becoming more and more intense. There are so many websites coming up that are targeting this niche and talking about various topics related to health. And if you are also in this rat race, then you definitely have to work hard to make your website visible.

Now once you have a health & fitness website ready, let’s talk about ways to promote it.

Fitness Calculators

Many websites keep on talking about health and fitness, but very few actually show them the correct picture. You can be one among the very few websites to give them a reality check and then attract them to your website’s content. One such way of doing so is offering free fitness calculators on your website.

Fitness Calculators can be of numerous types. They can show you your fat percentage, BMI, Calorie calculator, bmr calculator and many other types. This attracts people very much. Once they have identified the problem through this calculator, you can offer them solutions to overcome it.

Crossfit athletes using using a weighted vest training regimen* are very conscious about what their fat percentage is and rely heavily on calorie calculations to know how many calories they have to burn each day to keep in shape. So, using these type of calculators on fitness sites can increase the usability of the site and attract new visitors in various fitness niches.

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Beneficial Offers

Just like a Gym runs offers occasionally, you can also work on those lines to promote your website. For example, you can start “Lose 10 KG in 1 Month” program by following certain diets or exercises or both. Conduct a thorough research as to what works best and what people search for more. Work on that and attract users.

A Company in US, used to offer some creative shoes to people who paid for memberships online. You can offer something like shoes sold by this website and attract more people.


While the above 2 steps are add-ons for your website, Search Engine Optimization is the main player behind the game. If you are doing the SEO of your website accurately, the above 2 steps will also show results.

SEO for a health website can be a bit difficult since you are competing against big names like WebMD or Wikipedia itself. So make sure you also build some trust and authority along with your efforts to increase organic traffic. Things like having an app on the Play store could be beneficial. If you want to learn, check how to make a fitness app and make an app yourself.

Find out a certain topic in which the competition is less. Write an attractive and SEO friendly article on that which will start bringing audience to your website. Find out more such topics and attract visitors.

Do you know any other strategies that you have used with your health website? Share with us in comments!