Most of the people today are interested in writing articles for their own blogs or websites. But how many of you actually care about SEO? You might be wondering what is the need of the SEO when you don’t have to sell anything. Well, you can’t be more wrong here.

With so many websites coming up every now and then, it is of utmost importance to care about the SEO of your website as well as the articles you write. Let’s look at why it is important.

Generate Traffic

How are you planning to generate traffic if you are not worrying about SEO? Social Media shares can only help you up to a certain limit. And that will also work well if you are already established big. For organic traffic, you need SEO friendly content.

SEO also helps you stand out from the crowd. If you have a nice optimized content, search engines give you a good ranking. You might even get the 1st rank if your content is really good and people are searching for it, in other terms, if it is fully search engine optimised. In this way, people will start differentiating you with other players in the market.

What Exactly is SEO friendly writing?

We have been talking about writing content SEO friendly. But what exactly do you understand by it? Other than social media, most of the traffic to a website comes from search engines. People might have searched some keywords on Google or other engines, from where they get directed to your page. How do you think your content gets visible there? Yes, that’s because of SEO.

Search engines find out results by looking at the searched set of keywords in the various articles across the internet. So, if your articles contain that set of keywords, the search engines will rank you. All those pages with relevant keywords and good density rank higher in search results. And the way you write such articles is called SEO friendly.

To know more about how to write content, read our 5 Tips for writing SEO Friendly content post. If you feel there is anything you’d like to add to this post. Let us know.