Yes, it is. When we start making a website, it is very difficult to bring traffic to that site. But it is very important as well, else how will you be generating profit. There will be no point of making a site when you have no traffic. So in that case, what should you do in order to get the initial customers? Promoting your website, right? And for that, you would definitely need to buy website traffic.

There are some generic paid ways which are also beneficial to attract a good amount of traffic to your website in initial phases. These are even used by well established websites to continue bringing in customers. Here are the ways:

Social Media

Be it paid or free, social media is always helpful when you need to bring traffic to your website. But when you are new, the free posts will not do you much benefit. You would definitely have to buy social traffic by advertising on the platforms like Facebook. You can set your target audience and other helpful filters which will show your advertisement to the right group, and will also prompt them to open up your links.

With social media getting targetted traffic is really easy if you know how to run proper ad campaigns. If this is a struggle for you, you can always consider and option to buy targeted traffic.

Banner Ads

Find out some of the popular websites that have the target audience similar to yours. You can then contact those sites to put up your banner ads. Other than the popular websites, you can also put up your banners in popular forums catering to your target. When you take this step, it is utmost important that you cross check your target audience, since banner ads are costly.

Search Marketing on Google

Other than the above 2, you can also do search marketing through Google. You might have noticed few ad links appearing in the top 2-3 searches whenever you do any keyword search on Google. This is paid advertising.

You can also buy the search traffic by advertising through Google Adwords. Find out a particular keyword which you want to target. And then, pay for that keyword so that your sponsored ad appears on the top when people search that phrase.