Yes, it is!

Earlier, this technique of guest posting for generating backlinks was highly frowned upon. But when your main objective is to get traffic, people started accepting this technique with open minds. And not, it has become one of the most genuine methods to build links.

But there is a fine line between creating good guest posts, and creating bad guest posts. What is the difference between the two and how can you take care of that?

Good and Bad Guest Posts

Be it any website, if your article is low on grammar, it will always be called a bad guest post. And such posts will only lower the ranking more for your website. Besides that, if you write articles on websites that are spammy and full of advertisements, again it will cause you more harm than good.

If you want you can buy guest post from Yolancer. They claim to manually check quality of all their sellers, and the site looks very genuine.

So make sure, you write the guest posts on websites that are genuine and not full of spam links. There are various websites, like that help you decide on the authority and spam score of guest posting sites. And there are softwares like Grammarly that help you work on the grammar content of your site. So make sure your article is good, and you post it on a good website.

How are they beneficial?

Now, when you have taken care of writing a good guest post on a good website, either yourself or through other agencies, like guest post service by OutreachMonks, how will you be benefitted? A good website means that it has capability to generate good amount of traffic. So, if you are getting backlink from that website, there are high chances that people visiting that website will read that article and will click on your link, thereby bringing traffic to your website.

All these things are legit as long as you are creating backlinks from good authority websites. If the websites are spammy and bad, the guest posts will lower your rankings and push you further down in the eyes of Google. This in turn might take a lot of time for you to recover.