There is no dearth of bloggers in today’s world. Everybody, be it for his own entertainment or for profit purpose, is into writing blogs on various platforms.

Even though people write blogs, but many are not very aware of how to actually write them. One of the first and very important rule is to include images in your posts. It is not actually a rule, but it gives you good karma.

Images can uplift your article in ways which you cannot even imagine. This is a good practice for every digital person, whether you are into making a website, or simply a blog about your favourite articles. Some may wonder what is so great about these images? You can simply write a normal post, or max include videos somewhere. That should also be enough, right? NO!

Whether you take it as a good practice or simply a rule, it is necessary you include images in your articles. Let me tell you certain reasons why I am saying so. They will help you judge whether images can really improve your post or not.

Good for SEO

Many bloggers have started using nature and wildlife photography in their articles. What is so beneficial about that? These images give you a great edge over normal articles.

Images are a great way to improve your SEO. The title and alt tags of images greatly help in doing a better SEO for your blog. And with the help of this, your ranking in search results also improve. Google prefers articles that are attractive to read, and have good SEO overall. So with your representation of blog post, you will stand a fairly good chance to increase your organic viewership.

Easy and Attractive representation

If your article is a tutorial, then explaining the steps become easier with the images. They also make your article look attractive and easy to read. People normally get repelled from articles that are just long essays. So, in order to make your posts creative, you can add images, headings and subheadings, bullet list, one liners, videos, and what not. Just remember, not to overdo these things that your article seem pure artificial.

Go with the natural flow and you will notice how the readership for your posts has increased. If you are confused which kind of images to use, you can learn photography and use your own set of beautiful images. Whether you use anything else or not, images alone will let you witness the good results.