People have started stepping forward from the normal Facebook marketing and exploring different options now. And when we start looking out for other options, Instagram stands first in the line.

The first impression of this popular platform was that it is meant for kids. People share images with one another, and that was it. But very quickly, it came out of that impression and was explored as a great opportunity for marketers. Today, it has become one of the most powerful content marketing tool, used by every social media marketer. Plus with more and more businesses looking to buy Instagram followers, the growth has been tremendous.

With time, people are dramatically increasing on Instagram. And it won’t be long when it will take over Facebook as the most preferred platform for marketing. The reasons why it is increasing in popularity among marketing agencies are:

  • Facebook has become saturated now.
  • Traffic is growing on Instagram.
  • Instagram is a less explored platform for marketing as of now.

And many more. So when you have decided now to move on to this platform for your website, how you can work on increasing your followers?

After all, without a good following, nothing is a done deal. So let’s get started on how you can increase traffic on your Instagram page. You can also¬†click here to see Famoid’s instagram followers packages.

Create a hashtag for your business

Everybody uses hashtags that are created by others and are widely popular. And even you can do the same. But having your own hashtag is one of the best methods to grow your traffic greatly over the time.

This hashtag need not be your company name. You can create a hashtag that resonates most with the personality of your business. For example, #GoForIt, #ForAChange, and so on. Any hashtag with a message that works best with your business theme would work.

Now, once you have decided on a hashtag, make this popular by using it everywhere you can. Use this on your business cards, company posters, website, and so on. This way, more and more people will get connected to you through this hashtag.

Mix of Hashtags

For every interesting post you publish on your Instagram page, use a mix of hashtags that can be possible. This includes using the ones that are widely used, and the ones that are less used. In other words, use a proper mix of trending and non trending hashtags so that your content appears on the top for a longer time in various keywords.

Timing of Instagram post

Take note of the timings when your target audience is most active. You can either publish your posts on that time, or schedule the same during those intervals. Instead of following the timings given by other websites, it is better to discover it on your own. And for this, Instagram Analytics will surely help you reach your dream.