When you make a website or a blog, adding just text is strictly prohibited. Not actually prohibited, but it is usually a wrong practice to fill up your complete website with just text.

To bring more people to your website, it should be attractive enough. And for that, adding varied content such as images and videos become important. Initially when I started my blog some 10 years ago, I was not very knowledgeable about this whole concept. But slowly, I came across this amazing photographer, Rodney Torres, who made me aware of how important images are for your website. You can also connect with Rodney on Instagram.

In this article, I am going to share with you some of the tips I learnt from him and which helped me and my website grow exponentially.

Colorful content

Usually the content on a website is black and white. Now when we have moved out of that era, so why stick to black and white with your content as well?

Images make your website page look colorful. And this attracts people to your website even more. Adding images to your blog post breaks the monotony of the page and it looks attractive enough to develop the interest of readers. Hence, it is recommended to use images occasionally after every few paragraphs to keep the readers engaged.


It is rightly said, an image can speak thousand words. Your image is the first look at what your article is about. When it comes to ecommerce, it is the image of product itself which causes sales. So, an image is really important to give insight into what is there on your blog or website page.

A well thought of image can sell your services even more than what 100s of words of description can do. So if you really wish to increase the audience on your page and wish them to understand your content better, put some effort into your images.

Improve your SEO

Images also contribute greatly towards SEO of your website. Google gives better rankings to those who have included copyright free images on their website. But remember, we are talking about copyright free images here. Most of them have laws associated, which if violated, can attract heavy penalties.

Overall, images are very important if you have decided to make a new website or blog.