There are just so many websites where you can watch videos for free. And almost every website has some or the other video which you cannot scroll away. In short, videos are everywhere, just because they are the highest source of revenue.

So why not host your own video and get started with making a dollar?

That doesn’t mean you stop focusing on posts and other content, but adding videos will not harm at all. They will help you bring extra revenue for your website. Here I will be sharing with you some of the popular platforms where you can share your videos and also stream movies. This will allow your users to watch movies online for free.


Vimeo is a great contender when it comes to hosting and sharing videos. If you have a paid account, you can upload videos upto any length you want. The quality is also superb. The best advantage of Vimeo over YouTube is that there are no advertisements popping up in between the content, making it comfortable to view by users. And that is the reason why this is rising high in popularity and competing strongly with YouTube.

One great alternative to Vimeo is megashare, where you can stream your own movies. This is also a great platform which is slowly gaining popularity among the masses.


There are numerous versions of 123movie. You can watch videos and TV series for free on any of those websites. Both old and new, you will find all kind of content here on 123movies. This is a perfect website for you to stream and host your content as well. Overall, it is going to give a great experience to the host and users, both.


This website is focused primarily for business owners, since it is costly. But anyone can use it if they have money to shell. You can view detailed analytics here such as video engagement, heat map, etc. These analytics will help you judge your audience better, hence increasing your chances of more revenue.