Everyone today is writing some or the other form of content. Some like to maintain their blogs, some keep adding latest content to their website, and many others have to write content such as essays for their college or university applications.

All of this one side, creating new content one side!

Creating an altogether new content is difficult, and next to impossible every time. So people go with rewriting old content, mixing it with the new. But amidst all this, there are many issues which crop up and make content creating a difficult task for a person. Some of these issues include:

  • Bad Grammar
  • Plagiarism, and so on.

So, various online tools were invented to solve such issues of bloggers and content curators. All you have to do is install these tools or take help of such online tools to get your desired results. Here are the top 3 services you need when you start writing any kind of content.

Grammar Tool

Better the grammar, better the readability. Everyone is definitely not a pro when it comes to grammar. And nobody is even expecting you to write perfect grammar. But having an extremely poor grammar for your article is a NO to the eyesight. Poor articles can often cause you harm than any good, no matter if you have done keyword stuffing or the page is looking nice. Grammar is important, hence grammar tools become necessary.

Let’s say you have to take your emotional support animal with you on the plane. Normally, the authorities do not allow this. So you need a properĀ Emotional Support Animal Letter to show them and get your pet the desired services. Now if the grammar of such an ESA letter is poor, its authenticity becomes questionable, resulting in rejection of your plea.

Hence, having proper grammar tools while you work with such issues become highly important.

Paraphrasing Tool

People often find it lazy to re write the entire essay or paragraph in their own words. And this is mostly the case with college applications and essays. So a paraphrasing tool comes handy here. There are numerous free text rewriting tools online, where you just need to enter the text you wish to rewrite.

The result will be plagiarized free content for your essay.

Synonyms Tool

Even after paraphrasing, sometimes an article crosses the allowance limit of plagiarism. So what can you do here?

Synonyms come handy here. The english dictionary gives us so many words with same meaning. So why not make use of that for your articles? Replace the common words with their synonyms and you will have a completely different text. But remember, not to overdo it, else you will become Joey of Friends!