You might be familiar with Digital cloud by now, right?

Amazon Web Services is also a cloud service, launched by Amazon. It provides services in the form of building blocks. These blocks are very helpful when you wish to create or transfer any application on your mobile or computer to the cloud. The blocks are designed in such a way that they coordinate and work well with each other. In this way, your applications become highly scalable, if at all needed in future.

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Now when you know what is AWS, you might be wondering what all can you store here. A normal cloud storage will allow you to store your documents and files. But is AWS also the same, or they provide any special facilities as well? In short, what all services are covered in Amazon Web Services?

AWS is a secure cloud service platform, which promises to offer you following facilities:

  • Storage Options
  • Computer Power
  • Networking and Databases
  • Content Delivery, and so on.

Overall, it provides you with functionalities to help your business grow and scale hugely.

The best thing is, you don’t have to pay a single penny if you are just starting with AWS. You can create your account for free and see how other people are leveraging this wonderful platform. Once you start using this service, then you can pay. And the payment model used here is “pay as you go” pricing.

Why AWS?

Firstly, you need a place to backup your content. And nothing can be a better and secure option than a cloud. Cloud will always be secure than your on-premise content. And AWS by Amazon is fully secure, with broad security certification and accreditation provided. Along with this, your data will be fully encrypted whether in the cloud, or in transit from one place to another.

This system is overall, highly secure for any of your IT infrastructure needs. Otherwise, you can have a look on following cloud alternatives to AWS for similar or lookalike cloud hosting services, there are bunch of topnotch platforms to choose from in this regard.