Whether you wish to earn money from your blog, or simply buy a new product, product reviews are extremely helpful in your quest.

If we talk about buying products, people today prefer reading its reviews before actually making a purchase. Things are turning costly, and in such cases, if the product is not worth your money, you would be highly disappointed. So because of that, product reviews market is becoming an extremely big market.

And that makes earning money from this stream super easy.

When you enter this niche, you have numerous opportunities to mint money. For instance, you can go with paid reviews, affiliate marketing, and so on. But all of this would be possible if you write amazing reviews on your blog. And we have some really nice tips for you in that regard.

Video Reviews

People know that reviews can be paid as well. If you write good reviews, there are chances that the company has paid you for writing that. So instead of just going with the text, include videos and photographs.

Sometimes the photos shown on the ecommerce page are different than the actual images of the product. So include the actual image in your review. Also, if possible, add video of its usage. Tell the viewers how easy it is to use the product, how convenient and user friendly it is, what are its features, etc. These videos can never be forged. So it becomes easy for people to trust them.


If you are going for a product that is made by several brands, include a comparison article among different brands. For example, if you are taking about any gym equipment like rowing machine, you can talk about best rowing machines reviewed for 2019.

This is a great way to let people know about all the brands, and give them a broad funnel to narrow down from. If you make such a reputation of letting people know about all the brands, people would be highly attracted to your website.

Pros and cons

If you still wish to write text reviews, make sure you cover each positive and negative angle of the product. Each product in this world definitely has some cons. So if you mention them, instead of writing everything positive, people would like your reviews and would find you genuine.

Overall, these 3 tips are amazing if you wish to start your own product reviews blog.