Black Friday is soon right the corner. On every 3rd Friday of November, there is a massive digital sale by all the companies. And while they keep on screaming “Massive Savings”, hardly any money is actually saved by people.

Due to sales everywhere, people badly indulge in online shopping, more than what is actually needed. So how can you really expect money to be saved?

But do you want to save? If so, then this is just the article for you.

While November 23rd is quickly approaching, here are a few tips for you to stay ready.

Sign up for newsletters

Companies usually release their own discounts pre-Black Friday. So sign up for your favorite companies and websites whose products you are eagerly awaiting. When the Black Friday is approaching, you will find many discounts in your inbox which will help you save even more money on the D-Day than originally intended.

And before the day, companies release discounts through emails. So you will get a discounted price first than the rest of the world.

Coupon Websites

You can also start looking out for various coupon codes and discount codes to find even cheaper deals. Various websites are there which help you get best deals on numerous websites. You can either start browsing them from time to time, or sign up for the discounts to get them as and when they release.

These coupons will also help you get an even cheaper price. Because no matter what, people are going to shop. So instead of spending 100, if you spend 50, then you are definitely saving that 50.

Decide offline or online

Some people like to shop on the streets and malls, while some prefer online shopping. So if you like to shop online, better stick to that instead of roaming on the streets. Because while you can get great products in the shops, you will soon be Black-Friday-ed by 10 am.

BUT remember, the deals and products you find online would quite be different from those you will find in shops.