Mamby is similar to Reddit or Pinterest – a post sharing community.

You all must be familiar with the working of Reddit and Pinterest. A user can share his content on these platforms, categorized into different headings, for rest of the world to see.

Now Mamby is the similar platform, which is coming up as a direct alternative to these popular platforms. Is it the same or something different? What is the catch here?


This is also a post sharing community. The major difference here is in its front page. The front page of Mamby is sorted using a novel artificial intelligence algorithm. Let’s dive deeper into the working of this system, and how the front page of this platform is the sole attraction for the users.

When people interact with the website, the algorithm of the site is fed with the likes and dislikes of people, the posts they view, and a few minor subtleties that are derived from the user interaction. This interaction makes way for the better working of the website for future visits of people.

When the algorithm receives such information, then visitors see only those posts which are of their particular interest, or at least the posts that will most probably be of their liking. As a result, in just few interactions, the system get to know each and every person and recommend them the content just like a good friend would do.


Some of the popular features of this platform which makes it popular among the people are:

  • Post can be made of any type of content – videos, images, gifs, links, text, or simply a thought.
  • Each and everything is accepted here, giving maximum flexibility and freedom to the users.
  • The content creators get paid a small money quantity, every time their posts are seen by someone.
  • These payments can go to as much as 10 USD per 1000 views.

Overall, along with an interesting platform, it is also becoming a lucrative area for various content creators.