The job of freelancer is one of the most amazing and relaxing job. You can work from your home or any place you find comfortable. And the working hours are also so flexible. But while there are many advantages and perks to this job, there are some difficulties as well.

Since freelancers have to accept payments online, there is always a risk of not getting the payment. The clients usually belong to very far away locations, so getting paid from them is always doubtful.

But fortunately, there are some amazing payment gateways available, that help you send invoices to your clients and get paid on time. Here are few of those payment gateways you can consider if you are a freelancer.


This is definitely the number 1 option for people around the world. Even though the commission taken by PayPal is very high, but it is the one of the best reliable source of payments when you are dealing with clients all across the world.

Yes, there are other better options as well if you are dealing with people of just your own country. But since freelancers are needed and contacted worldwide, you rarely get stuck to your own country. So in these cases, PayPal becomes your only payment buddy.

It allows users to send and receive funds instantly without any delay. In this way, you can be assured that your payment is delivered and you can easily submit your work now. Moreover, with PayPal, you can also create business invoices, have a separate business account, have your own PayPal debit and credit card, and so on. The benefits are huge when you switch to PayPal gateway.


Skrill has also become one of the popular payment gateways with people now. No matter where your account is situated and how popular or unpopular your bank is, such as Wills Fargo Bank, you can easily send and receive funds from your bank account. Skrill supports much more countries as compared to PayPal.

And the payment processing takes place instantly, making it highly comfortable for freelancers across the world.

Google Wallet

Yes, Google is into this field as well. Most of the world already interacts with Google. And if you are also a big fan of this interaction, then Google Wallet is another wonderful option for you. You can use Google Wallet to accept free money transfers, and later send that money to your other payment systems.

It has very low fees and Google also tracks your account information just to prevent fraud cases.