Many people today are opting for virtual private networks. Why?

Even when you think no one is tracking you online, you are wrong. The internet, as we know today, is highly insecure. The internet service providers track every movement of yours, and then sell that data to the advertising companies. Why do you think you see the ads about products you searched in safe zone?

That is because you aren’t really safe. That is the reason why VPNs are coming into existence more and more.

But before we talk about whether this is a good idea, and whether you really need that or not, let’s first revise what VPNs are.

What are VPNs?

If we put it in layman terms, VPN make a tunnel between you and a remote server, which is operated by a VPN service. This tunnel is highly encrypted. Now all the data you browse on your internet, will be routed through this tunnel. In short, it is now safe from the prying eyes of ISPs.

In addition, the IP address of your computer is also changed. It is now the address of your VPN provider which helps you mask your own identity, as well as your location. Isn’t it amazing?

Now you might be wondering how you will search the data.

Well, when you search for any content, you are taken through the tunnel to the VPN server. Post that, you exit onto the public internet platform. It would now appear as if the request came from the VPN server instead of you.

Why you need a VPN?

Now talking about whether you need it or not, you definitely do!

In the absence of VPN, you first connect to your ISP when you surf the internet. And then your request is carried forward to the internet. So basically, whatever you search is openly available to your ISPs. This is masked when you search data using VPN service. There are other benefits to this as well, which would make the case of VPN stronger.

  • You stay safe with VPN when you are on a public Wi-Fi. This would save your from a potential hacker that is on the same wi-fi network.
  • It helps you access blocked services when you are traveling to foreign countries like China, where Facebook is banned.
  • If you wish to browse data privately, VPN is your best friend. You will get privacy from ISPs who are looking to invade your searches every now and then.

So if you wish to know which VPNs are best to use in 2018, you can check out There are many more benefits to it, which would help you a lot in this Digital era. So going for VPNs is always a better option.