Social Media has been an influencer for many new businesses. So it really isn’t a surprise if gender biased eCommerce stores are also coming into play.

Earlier, there were only limited eCommerce players in the market, like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. But with the rise of Social media and its facilities, many new men and women specific eCommerce stores are also opening up. And many of these stores are also targeting a complete micro niche market, such as Bag Bella and Zivame. While Bag Bella targets bags and purses for women, Zivame focuses on the undergarments, and swimwear mostly.

But why has this been happening? How can social media influence the onset of such businesses?

Availability of required data

People today upload any and everything on social media. Name any characteristic you need to identify a person, you will find that on such platforms. For example, you can easily view their age, location, occupation, status, interests, likes, dislikes, and so on.

And this is what the businesses really need. Now when you have so much of micro data available to run the niche businesses, why not start the show. Because of such onset, many players today have entered the market and started promoting their products aggressively.

Easy to Target Audience

When you deal in gender biased eCommerce products, you ought to do heavy promotions with targeted marketing. And what can be a better way to do that, other than Social Media. With this, it has become extremely easy to target audience which is your direct market.

All the information is readily available on the social media. All you have to do is select the various filters and start with your paid promotions. One benefit you get from gender biased stores is that the conversion rate of marketing increases. That means, a lot more of your target audience will respond to your ads, as compared to the promotions you run for generic products.