Christmas is round the corner. And so, every business has already started gearing up for the big festival. Have you also?

eCommerce is one of the top most businesses that is affected by Christmas deeply. The sales hike this season, bringing in the most revenue in a single month. And so, preparations for this should also be rigorous. But how can you prepare yourself for that?

Christmas is soon coming. So gear yourself up and follow these few tips to make a great mark of your eCommerce business this festive season.

Festive Newsletter

You probably keep sending newsletters to your customers about latest offers, or new product launches, etc. So why not prepare one for Christmas as well?

You can prepare a Christmas newsletter, highlighting about what all offers you will be giving this season, and what the customers should prepare themselves for. Without investing much money, it is a great way to catch hold of most of your existing or past customers.

Also, don’t forget to theme up your newsletter, based on the Christmas season. But don’t overdo it, or else you might end up losing your existing customers even.

Free Goodies

Get into a contract with little goodies services, such as Christmas flowers to send along with every big purchase a customer make. You can set up a bar of the minimum purchase amount a customer make, and then send free goodies to the customers along. Not only will this be an amazing surprise element for your customers, but your value and loyalty would also increase.

Customer experience is one of the most important things you need to take care of. With this idea, you are going to impact that experience multifold. And talking about flowers, you can connect with LolaFlora Flower Delivery to optimize your efforts.

Use Social Media

Don’t forget the most important promotional tool in the Digital world. If done well, you can reach maximum of your target audience and get great results. Keep your customers up to date on your offers and services, through various mediums like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

You can also share some nice blogs on what you can gift to your loved ones this coming festival. Bringing a variety in your posts will definitely attract a lot of people.