Everybody is making some kind of blog or website today. But merely making a website does not guarantee traffic. You also need to carry out extensive promotions and marketing to make sure people are aware of your brand, and Google recognizes you.

For this, there are many ways you can carry this out. Some are difficult, while some very easy. Here we will be discussing about easy ways which will help you drive traffic to your website.


When your website is new, you cannot benefit from SEO very quickly. But that is when you target heavy keywords.

In the beginning, go with long tail keywords for your articles. That means look out for keywords which have less searches, and are also very easy to target. But those keywords should also resonate with what you are selling or offering through your website.

SEO done this way will show effects very quickly. If your overall SEO is also good, you will surely be able to drive traffic to your website easily. And once you feel sufficient people land on your website, you can start targeting heavy keywords as well. Overall, SEO is one of the best strategies, and the easiest too, where you just have to write a good quality content, focusing on the keyword at hand.

Guest Blogging

Find out websites which accept guest posts, or simply blog about your website or articles. Pick up any topic from your website, and write a new, good quality article on the other blog related to your chosen topic.

For example, if you have a website related to online gambling, such as แทงบอลออนไลน์, then any and every website do not accept such posts. So make sure you find out relevant websites for guest posting only.

You basically need a backlink from the guest blog to your own article or website home page. But also make sure you have given few other relevant links too, to make the article look good and genuine. Guest Blogging will help you get good quality backlinks on your page and hence, rank better in search results.

Get Social

Promoting on Social Media is also very easy. You just have to make your business page from your own personal account, and then start adding attractive content to woo people. Simple posts and links will not attract people at all. So make sure your content is creative, and meaningful for people.

Promote that page extensively through paid advertisements, your friends, influencers, and so on. Social Media really helps in sending traffic to your website.