If you are making a WordPress website, you definitely need to buy hosting as well. But how do you choose on one?

There are various things you need to consider before buying the hosting. You cannot simply buy from anywhere you get access to. Here we will share with you some things which you need to keep in mind, the next time you decide on buying the wordpress hosting.


Location plays a very major role in WordPress Hosting. If you visitors would be from South Africa, it makes more sense to go for WordPress hosting in South Africa and we couldn’t recommend any other company than Web4Africa. And similarly, if they would be from US, take hosting from that place itself.

The location of your hosting should be based on the place from where you get maximum traffic. In this way, the load time of your website would be very less, making your website faster. And I am sure you all know how a fast website is preferred by most of the people over a slow website.


Sometimes, a hosting company might offer you cheap plans to allure you. But in the long run, they are only going to cause problems in the services and access. It has happened with us as well. The website started to crash very frequently, which eventually led us to move our site on a different server.

So all I am trying to say is, do check for the reputation of the hosting provider you have decided upon. See how many people have opted for that provider and how many people are actually happy with their services. Reputation plays a very big role in deciding which hosting provider you should go with.

Customer Support

Is your hosting provider offering you customer support as well? What if your server is non responsive? You definitely would need the host to look into the matter.

But if your host is not at all providing a good customer support, you will end up regretting every decision you make. So it is better to look into the customer support of the provider too, before you make your final purchase.