Whoever first said that the content is the king, remains true even today. After more than 20 years of going digital, content is still the king when it comes to digital marketing.

Even though the advertisements take up more than 80% of the revenue spend, but they would also work better in long run if you have good content on your website. Or else, the bounce rate would become extremely high. Even a research was conducted where participants were asked to select one marketing activity that would make biggest impact on customers in 2018. And content ranked the highest.

Even though we have numerous content creation service available on the internet, fully automation is still not possible. There are so many diverse areas where content writers are still required to create engaging content. For example,

  • Videos
  • Social Media posts
  • Emails
  • Blogs
  • Landing Pages, etc.

No matter where you publicize yourself, you would definitely need proper content to share. And that makes content still the king for many coming years.

Maximum Returns

Content is not just limited to your website or blog posts. If you have to share an advertisement for your product, service, or website, you have to mention some words in that ad. And those words also form a type of content only, where the tone of message and wordings are created cautiously.

And there are so many various uses of content, as described above, that you can get amazing returns of you have some nice content writers with you.

Along with that, you can even modify the content based on the device the content is viewed on. For example, a mobile viewer will see different kind of content as compared to a laptop viewer. In this way, you are altering how the content will interact with your audience, thereby increasing the chances of heavy returns on your website.

Content is all about creativity. Every digital need has content associated with it. How you modify it to your advantage makes the whole difference.