Variety of shopping websites are launched every year. And since so many platforms are available to create a website, there is no shortage of options to these makers.

But even then, our recommendation would be to go with the WooCommerce platform, if you are planning to launch a shopping website soon. More than 2 million ecommerce websites already use this platform. So there must be some good reason as to why website makers prefer this platform.

For a first time user specially, WooCommerce is the best option to go ahead with. And you can also take help from MPS WooCommerce Development Services, if you are still unable to make website on your own.

But here are some of the reasons why WooCommerce remains the 1st preference of many developers.

Pricing of the platform

If you are a first time user, who is making a first ecommerce website, then WooCommerce is definitely best for you. Through this platform, selling products like fashion based, training based such as Portable Wing Chun Dummy, or any other eCommerce category, becomes super easy.

Most of the retailers take cost factor into account when they are planning to make any website. While most of the platforms are paid, WooCommerce is one of those free platforms which provide you everything, with no hidden costs.

Although, some third party extensions or payment systems might demand money, but they will never be taken from WooCommerce side.

Because of its free availability, this becomes the number 1 choice of many.


WooCommerce is WordPress.

Many people fear this very fact that WooCommerce would be limited by its parent application, WordPress. BUT, WooCommerce is actually a WordPress plugin. And rather than being the disadvantage, it is actually an advantage. Along with getting the best of features of WordPress, you are getting a dedicated eCommerce plugin for your website too.

Because WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin, the only logical step for putting your website online would be to choose the most compatible WordPress hosting service out there. There is a huge variety of best WooCommerce hosting providers out there and by choosing any of the top ones you will definitely be on the right track.

WordPress is flexible and functional. And WooCommerce inherits every good functionality of the WordPress. It also adds some more of its own to allow you build an excellent eCommerce website.

Huge Developer Community

WordPress boasts of having the largest developer community, who is ready to help you with every minor or major issue you face with your WordPress website. This is more of an advantage for the WordPress developers, since they always have someone to help them out in need.