These days, you will find a lot of websites that are based on the fundamental keyword, 123Movies. Usually, people either target a common noun or a set of keywords to rank. But this keyword, 123Movies, is neither of the two.

Still, many people are aiming for 123Movies and working on the SEO front extensively to rank their own websites. Why is that so? The reason is the success of original 123Movies.

The original 123Movies

For several years, 123Movies served as a platform where people could watch movies anytime for free. This was a pirate website which was illegal, yet was extremely popular throughout the world. People worldwide preferred this platform when they had to watch any movie.

But in March 2018, 123Movies, which was also popular by the words GoMovies and 123MoviesHub, shutdown. The website was soon made unavailable to any of its fans. This came as a huge shock for many whose sole preference was 123Movies only. The reason for its shutdown was piracy. Urging people to watch the movies in theatres and pay money to the people who work so hard to create such movies, the piracy website shut down its operations.

The platform had nearly 98 Million visitors every month. And it was ranked as the number one pirate website all over the world. Now you can easily imagine why other people are also going after the same keyword.

While the original website shut down, its fans are still searching for 123Movies, simply because they are habitual and are waiting if the website could resume. Meanwhile, other people who wanted to enter the movie streaming business, took advantage of the already built success of the platform.