Snapchat marketing is quite a viable idea. For understanding more about it, you need to go through the facilities it offers, and how is it different from other apps. The points that we have discussed here will help you to have a sketch about the app in your mind. After that, you can decide for yourself.

1. It is relatively private.

It is a different app than other conventional social media apps. It is not exactly a website. You can share your posts there, but only a selected group of people, that is your followers can view those.You can even put filters to that. Ross from The Solar Advantage says “This process of being hyper specific will allow you the freedom of targeting as you please.” You can select the audience of your posts in snapchat, which is a big advantage of that.

2. A specific time interval.

There is a specific time interval for snapchat posts. You can share your posts on snapchat, but they last for about 24 hours only. After that they disappear. So, you can share whatever you feel like for a specific time period. But of course, make sure your posts do not violate any of the community standards. This is one of the ideal strategies for any kind of business marketing

3. Maintains a strong relationship with your followers.

You must maintain a strong relationship with your followers. For that, you need to put up a profile picture. You need to ensure that you share different type of posts, and not just stick to one type. Let’s just say, you shouldn’t share posts on sports only, or say commercials only.

For example, if you are an interior house painting company such as Royal Home Painters Toronto, you can post new ideas, tips, and so on. It should be a concoction of various topics like advertisements, current affairs, sports, famous quotes, etc. The list is like never ending.

4. It is unpredictable.

Unlike other social media sites like Facebook and twitter, it does not have the likes and follow features. Rather, it has viewers. From your Facebook posts and tweets, your followers and friends will get an idea about what kind of posts they can expect from you. But in case of snapchat, it comes down to uncertainty. This is because there are a number of topics as it is mentioned above, and you should keep sharing all such posts.

Also recently, with Instagram and Facebook copying everything which snapchat does. Many users are migrating away from the platform. In the last quarter of 2018 the Snap Inc’s stocks hit a record low. (Read report on

5. Increases revenue to a great extent.

As per a study, facebook had 2.75 billion active users in 2018 and more than 100 billion users open snapchat everyday. And if we count the amount of time each user spends on snapchat daily, it will be a huge number of minutes. More the minutes the users spend on snapchat, higher is the revenue generated by it.