You can never grow too old to not like free goods.

This four letter word has an enormous potential. And when it comes to marketing the products, majority of the companies take this FREE word into their strategy to play with the psychology of people. No matter what the product is. If it is for free, it gains instant attention of people.

Whether you are talking about free food, free accessories with a certain product, free bets, buy 1 get 1 free scheme, or any other thing. Every strategy targeting the word FREE have been known to be greatly successful.

But why is that so?

Bonus or Surplus

Most of the times, people are really conscious of taking the free products. They try to justify themselves that they earned it. For example, you get free food to taste on the food aisle in grocery stores. People are immediately attracted to it. Because they know that they are getting this free food so that they can buy the food packets later on. Fair enough!

Similarly, when you go as deep as sports betting, and you get some free bet offers (which UK betting sites usually do), then you feel they are justified since you are going to invest your money in betting anyways.

So, when the free something comes as a bonus or surplus to your already spent or about to spend money, you feel highly attracted to it. In that case, you hardly miss a chance to acquire that free something.

Worth the Money

There is this another psychology that people have regarding the free products. When you see anything for free, one of the reasons you feel attracted to it is because you think you deserve it. People spend so much money on various products or companies, which they know are very expensive. And in return, getting something for free is fully justified.

They believe they have earned that free product.

For example, when you see the offers on product, which says ” Free conditioner with this shampoo”, you feel that already the cost of shampoo was high. So if they are giving away conditioners with this, then it is your right to get them quickly.

The psychology plays a great deal on stating how free good attract people a lot.