You will find numerous sale seasons happening on multiple eCommerce websites. More often than not, these seasons usually coincide. Which means, if the sale season is happening on Amazon at one point of time, then there definitely would be the similar sale season on Flipkart and other Amazon competitors during the same time.

But nevertheless, people are still very curious of sale season on every website. Because, let’s just admit, no one is really satisfied with the amount of shopping they did online. Something would still be lacking. OR, even when you don’t need something, you would buy just because that is available on sale.

Such is the charm of sale seasons!

Now, when you are an eCommerce company, you simply cannot let people know that every product is discounted. You need to fully utilize this opportunity to sell as many of your products as possible.

But how would you carry that out? We have got some good tips for you regarding this.

Discount and Promotional Coupons

Almost all year, things are available at some or the other discount. So merely stating that a discount is available, won’t attract much attention.

The best way you can come out of this is by offering discount codes. Let the people know that the product is discounted. But over and above, they will also get additional discount if they apply this coupon. Who would want to miss this opportunity, specially when the discount coupons can be applied on their favorite products as a whole.

There are numerous ways you can carry this out, for example:

  • Discount code on select payment option
  • Discount on the basket as a whole
  • Brand wise discount coupon
  • Cash back after payment, and so on.

Offer Fresh Stuff

Most of the times, companies run discount on products that have been on the platform for very long. After all, the similar strategy is used by physical stores as well, so why not eCommerce companies?

There is nothing wrong in this. But if you want to stand out, you need to do something different. One of the things you can do is by offering discount on fresh stuff, rather than just the old. And you can market that offer everywhere in bold. When people get fresh things on discount, nothing can match that happiness of them.

Be Creative

Instead of going for those same old discounts codes, try something new this time. Be creative and step ahead from your competitors. Some of the things you can consider here are:

  1. Membership Discounts
  2. Recurring Discounts, and so on.

Give membership discounts to those people who are your regular customers. You can select them by checking the number of times they have bought from your platform, and the price value they have shopped. Other than these, recurring discounts can also be given to people. For example, if you have a business where hosting renewal is required every few months or years, you can offer the discount on all the renewals. That means, instead of giving discount only for the first time, give discount every time.

Similarly, you can find out various other ways through which you can be creative and attract visitors.