If they are rare, then they surely will be.

Discounts are something that has fascinated people forever. No matter how young or old you are, how big or small the thing you are purchasing, how rich or poor you are, discounts win over everything. Even when you are capable of affording the things easily, discounts will still attract you.

So, overall, discounts would surely attract buyers in 2019 as well.

But there are some scenarios where this might not be possible. If you are offering discount codes all round the year, every single day, then after a certain period of time the discounts will stop appealing people. But of course, you will rarely find such a situation. Even though the products are available at discount year round, there are some extra discount codes too which woo the audience.

Wordings play a role

Sometimes, when you simply let people know that something is available at discount, they might not think of it as a big deal. However, some words like “Buy this, get that free”, “Buy 2, Get 2 Free”, “Buy 1 – 20% off, Buy 2 – 30% off”, and so on definitely catch the attention. People lure to such discounts like a honey bee.

In many cases, you will also find wordings like “Get x% off”, or “Save x$”. The price of end product might be the same. But the perception of both keywords is different. Where “get off” symbolizes achieving a gain, “save” means avoiding a loss. And people would definitely like gain more than avoiding loss.

But then again, this varies from company to company and product to product. Experiment on your customers which discount code strategy works better with your audience.

Where you can add discount?

Now when you know that discount codes will work in 2019 too, what all places can you use them? No matter where you include discount, people would definitely go for it. But keeping on changing your strategy of placing discounts will keep the interests of people intact. Otherwise, you might never know when people would start shutting you out.

So here are some ways you can offer discounts to the people.

  • Give discount codes on the checkout page alone
  • Use scarcity trick to lure people (such as – 2 left in stock, hurry up)
  • Offer free shipping for limited time only
  • Use promo codes to attract new visitors and customers on your website
  • Use artificial intelligence to study the person’s shopping pattern and then suggest offers, and so on.

The ways can be enormous. Every click you make, a discount code can be placed there. How to do that depends on company to company. You can run experiments and test for each place where the discounts can be kept, and see which strategy shows maximum benefits for you.

To make the best use of discounts, release them when some festival or special day is about to come. They will definitely attract wider attention, since everyone is looking to buy something or the other when it is some special day. But make sure to do something noticeable, not just offer discounts like everybody else.