Almost every person today has an email account. So isn’t this a great way to reach your target audience when you know they have an email account for sure?

There are high chances that more than 90% of your customers fall in the category which check emails almost daily. So this becomes a really great platform for your business to reach out to your end customers. And in this, Email Automation will be of great help.

Whether you want to acquire leads, build awareness about your brand, convert your sales, and so on, email automation will be your buddy. But what exactly is email automation?

Email Automation

As the name signifies, in this process, an email is automatically sent out to your customers from your email service provider. But that happens when an action or an event triggers it. That is, a user specific action takes place on your website or the app, which sends out an email to that user.

One to one messages are sent to your customers in real time, which help build customer loyalty and strengthen your relationship with your customers.

For example, you may ask people to enter a contest. And when they do so, an email might be sent immediately to them based on the information they filled. Other popular examples can be when a person leaves his cart on the checkout page, visit your coupon page, and so on.

Why use it?

There are variety of reasons why your company should start using the email automation. But despite so many advantages, many companies have still not started using it under their digital marketing campaigns. It is high time you make an effective use of this extra ordinary feature.

Here are some of the reasons why you should do so.

  • Follow up with your leads
  • Build healthy relationship with your existing customers
  • Send personalized content
  • One to one communication
  • Build brand awareness
  • Send segmented mails, based on location, age, gender, etc.
  • Very cheap
  • Reach your customers on the mobile, and so on.

The list can be endless. When you will start using the email automation facility, you will realize what all you can do with the help of this service.