A true internet store provides an interactive shopping cart icon in the header, pre-made product galleries, a branded checkout process, and many other eCommerce-specific tools.

Yes, you can take your present blog and include a few products. But if your aim is to make an optimized internet store, a dedicated WordPress WooCommerce theme is best. You can check more about these themes on Smart Soft Code.

Now, let’s get into why you need the best WordPress WooCommerce themes for your online business.

An interactive shopping card icon

One of the large difference between a theme made for WooCommerce and a general WordPress theme is the fact that the standard WordPress templates lack interactive shopping cart tools.

When you go to a famous online store, it generally has an interactive shopping cart icon in the header, which tells you how many products you have, along with the price.

Pre-made page templates

Every internet store needs pages other than product and category products.

To keep time and maintain a continue design style, you should seek out WooCommerce templates with some standard pages already created. Some of these might contain Contact Us page, about us, and category page formats.

Product pages based on top practices

The product page is where users make decisions to buy. So, it is vital to tell the full story behind each item.

The top product pages offer support for amazing imagery, videos, and even downloadable document.  When you learn about the top practices behind a product image gallery you begin to view the importance of navigation, zooming, fullscreen effects, and more.

Product pages should also have perfectly formatted reviews, product variants, descriptions, related items, and social media buttons. And you can find all of this in the WordPress eCommerce Themes easily.

Social sharing tools for your products

Although a plugin works perfect, you will generally get an amazing design integration if your theme already contains built-in social share buttons. This is vital for WooCommerce templates, since an internet store needs to build buzz on product pages.