Given the continuously changing algorithm of Google, quality content is the only way to leverage Google to win you some traffic. On the other hand, keeping in mind high growing social media, driving people from here is also not an easy task today.

So barring the quality content (which is obviously the best tactic to drive traffic), how do you think you can drive traffic to your website?

Since social media is becoming so much popular, the competition here is fierce. And people now have choice of going to several websites rather than just yours. So amidst all this, what can be a great way to attract them to your website?

User generated content!

Instead of you filling the website, get users to generate content for your website, thereby promoting it on the go. For example, for a cool product like fat shrinking waist belt, you can ask people to use and post their stories, which would then be featured on your website.

As an other example, you can run contests and ask people to submit their entries in any form like videos, images, etc. Besides this, there are numerous other ways in which people can be involved while promoting your website. Some of the ideas you can try are:

  • Generate a hashtag for a cause and ask people to share their own experiences with that hashtag.
  • Run absurd contests for popularity, such as “the one with messy table”, and that user would win who would have maximum shares.

A lot more ideas can be formulated once you sit with your marketing team. The basic idea is to make people believe that they have a chance at popularity. Who wouldn’t want to become popular this way?

When you club the ideas and make people believe that they will be featured on your pages, you are automatically making a way to great promotions.

How to go ahead?

Promote your contest on different social media platforms and other websites that you think has same target audience as yours. The main idea is to reach as many people as possible, keeping aside the tough competition you would face from that medium.

Apart from social media contests, push your content organically as well through Google services and much more. You would surely notice an excellent rise in the traffic on your website, and increase in your revenue.