Facebook is one of the top social place among other social sites like Twitter and Google Plus (Google plus is getting shut down in March 2019). Facebook groups and pages are the new marketplaces for Digital Marketers or small business as well as YouTubers to show their content on Facebook groups.

We are doing a Facebook group auto poster review to make you understand what Facebook poster is and what is the safety measure to follow while using the facebook group poster tool.

Posting on facebook groups or pages one by one takes a lot of time, so people use several facebook tools to promote their content. But each of the Facebook posts does not get posted to the groups and pages, and the user gets blocked on Facebook.

What is the best facebook auto poster?

After looking at several facebook automation tools, we have found the one which is best in Google is We Viral Facebook Poster which is working correctly and free facebook groups auto poster. If you think why this Facebook poster is a recommended tool for facebook group poster? Then let me explain to you correctly the features of it and why it is best than the other.

If you are planning for your Facebook marketing campaign, then you should set the schedule posting on Facebook at a regular interval of 3 minutes and use spintax format that you are going to learn below.

The invention of Facebook multi group poster is developed by Sujoy Dhar on his website to post on facebook groups automatically, but later he changed his mind to make the domain and the tool unique, so he moved his tool to We Viral website, and people started loving the tool, and it got popular everywhere. Let’s go straight forward to the features now.

best facebook auto poster

Features of We Viral Facebook Poster facebook group page poster

1. We Viral Facebook auto poster will help you in posting to multiple Facebook groups and facebook page.

2. You can schedule your posts for a later time on the facebook groups and fan pages.

3. We Viral Facebook Poster is a free facebook tool that you can use for posting on facebook.

4. We Viral auto poster tool will help you to join the groups.

5. You can create custom auto comment which you can use for bumping the posts on groups.

6. We Viral provides unique posting features which will add unique id below your posts so that Facebook detects that you are posting unique posts on groups and pages and protect your Facebook account from getting facebook jailed.

7. To speed up the posting, they support spintax format like {This|It} is {Spintax|Unique} {Post|Content} by which the tool takes random words from them and make a unique message like It is Unique Content then automatically post to the groups and pages.

8. You can use we viral facebook poster tool to send the sale posts on the buy sell groups.

Comparing other tools to We Viral Facebook Poster

1. Pilot poster: This tool does not work recently, and even their fan page admin does not reply to their users. After adding your Facebook account, you will not find your groups, so it is useless.

2. Dlvrit: This tool is hard to understand how it works and charges a lot for using it perfectly as their free plan is nothing for a business promoter.

3. Postcron: This tool is advertising to increase their sales, but in reality, it is entirely depended on the premium plan but why pay when we can get the best from We Viral.

We have looked over the Google reviews of the developer and find there were huge google reviews about the tool and the person Sujoy Dhar. We have looked for the search term “best facebook auto poster” and found out that softonic.com is recommending We viral Facebook poster as the top Facebook marketing tool.

If you are using facebook group multi poster, then make sure follow some of our guidance.

  1. Facebook group poster bot is developed to send your post or content to groups, but safety is on your end.
  2. Facebook group auto poster is free but to use it in the proper way you should use the spintax format that we have said above about how to use it.


All Facebook AI tools are developed for helping Facebook users to post on facebook groups and help increase their brand or products or services. You should keep the safety measures and use the spintax format while using the tool.