A lot of generic websites are in play today. But niche related are less. However, people today have started preferring niche websites over the generic ones, giving rise to more niche websites on the internet.

Many people today are venturing into micro niche websites, like the nuts and bolts industry, flower industry, health website focusing on herniated disc, and so on. And the scope of growth in this kind of industry is epic. If you are looking to create a new website of your own, then we would encourage you to enter this micro niche segment.

Here are few tips on how you can create a micro niche website easily.

Make a website

No matter what kind of segment you want to start with, you at least need a structure of the website. Even if you want to venture into eCommerce, and put up Flower Bouquets for online delivery in Sri Lanka, you have to at least start somewhere. So,

  • Select a domain name
  • Choose the host
  • Install WordPress
  • Install a theme

Once all these are done, you have a basic structure or a skeleton ready with you. These steps are the primary ones for any kind of website. This would help you get your micro niche website rolling.

Choose a niche

You don’t really need to have a perfect idea in mind to begin with. You can also create a simple WordPress structure first, and then plan on what you want to do.

Firstly select which niche you would like to pick. Is it health, beauty, clothing, accessories, and so on. Once you have picked on a niche, then think of all the things that can come under the umbrella of that niche. For example, if we are talking about health niche, then some things you can consider here are diet plans, tips for a particular body problem, supplements ecommerce, and so on.

Select such a kind of micro niche for yourself and start with the website.

Complete the website

Now you have the website skeleton ready, and the idea ready. All you have to do is merge the 2 and make a really good website.

For this, write good quality, SEO friendly articles that are relevant to your micro niche. Use a mix here, few articles of higher word limits, and few of lower. Getting such a mix, which is also search engine optimized, is healthy for your website. Constantly updating your website with such articles will send the message to Google that your website is active.

Now all that is left is promotions!

Actively promote your website on different social media platforms, Google Ads, forums, and as many places as you can think of. You have created a perfect micro niche website for yourself. It is time to bring in some customers now.