For every business, social media promotions are necessary. The world has gone digital very quickly and the pace is only increasing with time. Moreover with so many businesses coming up, it has become increasingly difficult to reach your target audience without spending too much money.

So amidst all this race, social media becomes one of the important mediums using which companies can reach their target customers. This can be any platform, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. But all companies are not able to manage social media marketing successfully.

  • You might wonder why your campaigns fail?
  • Why are some social media pages popular with people, and others not?
  • Why are your competitors succeeding?

There are many questions that take place when you are unable to achieve your target. But why aren’t you able to?

That is because many people make so many common mistakes which they are usually unaware of. These mistakes are not that big to get noticeable. But even small mistakes like losing the opportunity to buy Instagram likes in the beginning can hamper your success rate.

Here I am going to talk about few very common social media marketing mistakes that almost every marketer makes in his life. So work on avoiding them as much as possible.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Most people simply go and start publishing the content and get followers. This is the first mistake they make.

Just like a strategy is required to run any business, social media marketing also needs proper strategy to get implemented correctly. So before you dive in, focus on few parameters that form the basic strategy.

  • What is your goal from this marketing?
  • Who are your target audience?
  • How much time would you invest here?
  • What tactics would you bring in play?
  • What team do you have to devote on social media marketing?

Answers to these questions will help you come out with a proper strategy and marketing plan that would help you stay abided and increase your followership. This is particularly helpful when you are in an eCommerce kind of business, no matter whether it is related to diamond rings or other jewellery, or simply clothes and accessories. For every business, having a good social media marketing strategy is the key to success.

Negative Feedback

Although this does not happen with businesses who are just starting up, but somewhere in your social media life, you would come across negative feedback from people. How are you dealing with it?

Most of the businesses make this mistake by giving lame excuses to that negative feedback. They fear that such kind of feedback would spoil their reputation. But instead of getting burdened by the risks, rise ahead and improve. These feedback are an excellent opportunity for you to improve your services and perform better than you already did. In case of a jewellery business, proving your excellence with evidences like Gia report will definitely help you combat the negative feedback of people.

When someone is giving negative feedback, he is sharing his honest opinion with you. Strike a conversation with him. I am sure you will find out a lot of new ideas to improve your services.

Over promoting

Many people are crazy to increase their followers. Some keep on promoting their content back to back, and some switch to other measures where they buy Instagram followers or other platform followers. But keep in mind, over promotion is also harmful. Let things rise gradually. This would help people sink in your brand in their minds. But you can look for the best sites to buy Instagram followers which will give more real likes and followers and help you grow naturally.

Social media is meant to socialize and communicate. And people really hate when promotional content keeps popping up on their screens. Avoid that if you don’t want to get sidelined by your customers totally. So while you add promotional content, also add interesting and conversational posts to keep the interests of people intact.

Less Interaction

How often do you interact with your audience?

Most of the businesses update their profile pages very glamorously. But yet, there is no communication with the audience. Such a lack of interaction can be dangerous for your business. It decreases the value of your presence, thereby resulting in failure of your social media marketing.

Social media is all about being social. So come out and start conversing with your clients instead of simply using it for promotions.


What kind of content do you have on your social media page?

Is it just pictures, or is it just links, or something else?

Adding similar kind of content all the time may repel your customers soon. So you need to bring diversity in what you post. There are various ideas you can bring in use when promoting your social media page, such as

  • Interactive images
  • Videos
  • Links, and so on.

Bring variety in what you post and you will notice your followers increase drastically. All you need to do is increase the engagement, and the results would be in front of you.