There are numerous social media platforms existing today. While some succeed, some fail. But only a few of them have managed to cross the barriers of time and become popular. To name a few, they are:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest, and so on.

But the time has come when Digital world needs a new and refined social network. But why?

Diversion from the Main Agenda

The existing social networks came into play by being the platforms to interact with your friends and new people. But today, they have only become a source of marketing for the companies. The social media platforms is diverting from the agenda they came into play with. They have become more of a marketing hub today.

So while you still stay connected to your friends and family, you rarely see the content posted by the people. Most of the times, walls and videos are filled with numerous irrelevant advertisements, which do nothing more than increasing frustration of users. And that is the primary reason for introducing a new network that gains back its original momentum.

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Network to cover every aspect of our life

Today, the different platforms serve different purposes. On facebook, you can share your moments with your friends. On Instagram, you share pictures. Quora allows you to ask questions and get opinions, and so on. Very few aspects of the life are covered through these platforms.

We need a network that merges all of these into one. A person should be able to ask opinions and information, share his life, share his talent, and connect to people having similar behavior or choices, etc. One for all! And that is what we need.

One for marketers

The marketers are overcrowding the social media platforms today. So why not give them a whole new network to reach out to people?

If people are really interested in companies and their products, they can sign up for the platform and connect to the companies. Alternatively, the companies may connect to them if they are really interested in digital market.

The main point here is that though the companies get a good audience on existing platforms, they simply make the experience of a user bad. It is time to move to a new network and focus on different aspects in hand.