These days, a lot of businesses are making their own websites. But not every website is becoming successful. What do you think is the reason for the same?

There are some features of a website that help in attracting visitors to it. And one of those features is a fast website design. A fast design is that which loads pretty quickly. While it is a great feature when you want your visitors to wait less, it is also helpful in giving a head start to your website’s SEO. And that is the reason a lot of businessmen are now looking for some fastest website designs to implement on their own websites.

Here is why it helps in SEO.

Customer Experience Matters

The whole purpose of SEO is to make the experience of customers good. When you have a fast website design, people would be really impressed. No one is having enough patience in today’s time. And according to a research, if a website is taking more than 2 seconds to load, then 37% of people close those tabs. And some of them even abandon the website fully.

And that is why a fast website gets some credit since it makes the customer experience good. This credit comes in the form of better SEO of the website.

You might have noticed AMP pages given priority in google searches. Those are the fastest loading pages of the website. So if you want a head start to the SEO of your own website, you need to implement a fast website design immediately.

Google loves speed

Google runs on the mission to provide faster services to the people. They want the internet to be extremely fast and easily accessible to all the people. Though extremely fast speed of a website does not matter much in search rankings, but if your website is very slow, you will definitely not appear at the top.

Moreover, with slow speed, Google might not send its crawlers to your website. That being said, your latest articles or any updates will not be picked by Google, which might harm you in the long run. Since Google values speed so much, why won’t it matter for the SEO?

With a fast loading speed, your website’s SEO will have a pretty strong head start. Rest would depend on the quality of your website, content and the backlinks you build.