Everyone loves to shop. Whether it is as minimal as grocery to as big as buying a car. People always try to find the best deals and the best quality of the product they are looking for at a reasonable price. With the advancement of science and technology, it has become really easy for people to shop due to the introduction of online shopping. According to a few surveys done online, it is seen that women prefer online shopping to men due to some factors. The following article discusses the dynamics of behavior regarding online shopping between men and women.

Shopping habits of both men and women 

Although both men and women enjoy shopping online, but a slightly larger percentage of women prefer it to men. Men shop online due to the following reasons:

  • They purchase the item as soon as they find it suitable.
  • Men don’t shop but they buy.
  • They get to carefully read about the product before purchasing.

On the other hand, women choose to shop online due to the following reasons:

  • They get to read the review and then makeup their mind.
  • Online shopping gives an idea about the recent trends.
  • Due to all the advertisement, they are easily triggered to make unplanned purchases.

The thought process of men and women while shopping

Some of the reasons why women prefer shopping online are due to:

  • Women, about 15%, read the promotional emails sent by companies than men, who are about 8%.
  • More than half of the fair sex prefers free shipping whereas men are not so concerned
  • More than 75% of women love to shop when there is a sale, even if it is a sale on nails studio. Online shopping websites are coming up with various sales frequently, which attracts the female buyer. About 52% of men are interested in sales.
  • Women try to use coupon codes and get various discounts while shopping online. On the other hand, coupons do not bother men.

What men and women purchase

When it comes to shopping online both men and women have different choices. Men are often seen shopping for technology, gadgets, tickets and household items. On the other hand, women shop online for fashion items, groceries, medicines, and books.

It is noted that men like to go to the store to buy things as it gives them the opportunity to touch the item and learn about it. Women love to shop online because they enjoy all the luxury such as free delivery and discounts.