There are endless ways to market your ecommerce store. One of them is through video marketing. Video works great for ecommerce marketing as it is the online medium that takes people closest to having an in store feel.

When people visit a store they get to touch and feel the products. Most stores try to provide that feel with well-written product descriptions and images, but the experience is very limited.

But with video, you can include a lot more information as the customer gets to see the product in action. You can display the product in such a way that it helps the customer see and feel what they would at the store.

It won’t be the same as the in-store experience, but it will be better than just images and photos. So, to help you get the most out of video marketing, I have shared my top ecommerce video marketing ideas below…

#1 Product video:

Product videos are the videos I described in the opening paragraphs. They provide an overview of what your audience wants to see and hear. This has to translate as close to an in-store experience as possible. So, conduct a lot of research and find out what your audience wants to feel and see during their online shopping experience.

Then create a product video for your landing page that adheres to your audience’s interests.

For some ideas on how to create better product videos, you should check out Sephora’s landing pages.

They have different types of product videos. Things like this one from Tatcha focus on showing what the product is made with and how it works.

While others just show the products or interview the creators.

To create videos like this one, make sure you invest in quality video creation products such as video cameras, lighting equipment, and video editing software.

When using videos on landing pages make sure you host the video on the video hosting service provided by the ecommerce platforms. This is because they won’t have any distracting links and advertisements that are frequently seen on platforms such as YouTube. Platforms such as Shopify make it easy to set up distraction free videos.

#2 Upsell video:

Upselling and cross-selling are a great way to maximize your ecommerce store’s revenue. They contribute to over 35% of Amazon’s sales. But one technique you might want to try here that is different from the traditional upsell is the one-click-upsell. This is where a video pops up as soon as a buyer clicks on the buy now button on the landing page.

Image credit: Teachable

The video needs to describe all the benefits of using the products and sell it. This can help drive more sales than promoting multiple products as you are limiting the choices. Too many choices can lead to decision fatigue and reduce your conversion rate.

#3 Demo videos:

People love watching product demo videos. It’s one of the reasons why networks like QVC are so popular. If you can create a successful demo video that resonates with your target audience you will generate an ample amount of sales.

Getting on a network like QVC will be hard but you can always create one on your website and drive traffic to it with ads, email, and other sources. So, create some entertaining demo videos and get them in front of your perfect audience.

#4 Influencer marketing videos:

A lot of brands are investing in influencer marketing to drive sales. But most of them use images. The influencer usually shares a photo of the product or a photo of them using the product. But as you now know videos perform better. This is why when you work with influencers, you should get them to create a video of them using the product.

This could be an unpacking video or a review video or an entertaining video.

Here’s an example of an influencer reviewing an Olay product.

Videos like these can help drive sales.

#5 Live video:

Live videos are another great way to promote your products. For some products, simple social media live videos on your Facebook or your Instagram account will suffice. While for other products webinars will work better. There are actually several webinar software that let you broadcast your webinar to social networks like Facebook and YouTube. You might want to take advantage of it to reach more people.

You can actually broadcast your demo videos live to get the most out of them. But make sure you rehearse the video several times as you need to get it right.

#6 Social media videos:

Videos tend to drive the highest engagement on networks like Facebook and Instagram. There are also networks such as YouTube where you can only publish videos. So, if you want to reach more people you should build an online presence with video.

The videos you use here can range from educational videos to more promotional videos. It needs to be a combination. You can use educational videos to nurture the audience. While the promotional videos will sell to the people you have nurtured.

For some ideas on how to use video, you should check out Birchbox. They publish a lot of video content.

#7 Ad videos:

You can also combine organic videos with sales videos on social media. Most networks let you run video ads. So, take advantage of them and reach as many people as you can. You can actually create custom audiences consisting of people who watched your videos and retarget them with your ad videos. They watched your organic videos, so they will be more likely to watch your ad videos too and convert.

#8 User-generated content:

You can also publish user-generated content that your customers submit to you and then share them on social media. This is a great way to drive up social proof and attract more customers and fans. For some ideas on how to get the most out of user-generated content, you should check out Warby Parker’s Instagram account.

They regularly publish a lot of videos from their audience.


These are the 8 ecommerce video marketing ideas you should try out in 2020. It does take more effort to create videos than images. But they can help drive more engagement and sales. So, have a go at them if you want to get better results.