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Companies receive thousands of applications every year for interior design jobs. Some apply through their sources while others find suitable jobs online with the help of websites. To get an edge over others, you must understand the offerings of the industry and the positions apt for you. So, sip a cup of coffee and mark the important sections in this article to get started with your job hunt on the right foot.

How to find interior design jobs in the USA?

The first step in your job search process must be to understand the types of industries offering job opportunities for interior designers like you. Depending on your preferences, you can land up at a great job opportunity both in commercial and residential interior design by applying to the right place.

Places you can apply at

While some of these jobs must’ve crossed your mind, many others could prove to be a lucrative opportunity. Consider all your options before applying to a place.

  • Commercial Furniture Dealers

Search the local commercial furniture places in your locality and contact them to ask for job opportunities for a person with your qualification. Many commercial furniture dealers choose interior designers to market their products as their salesmen. Some of them even ask designers to design the furniture on computer software for a better understanding of the product. If you love working at a place that extremely values professionals with an eye for detail, apply to these places.

  • Interior Design and Architecture Firms

Start searching for the Interior Design and Architecture Firms in your area by searching on the internet. Contact the concerned authorities on the mentioned numbers and ask them if they have an opening for a beginner (or mention your experience). Your next step would be to send your updated resume on the email id mentioned on their website. One of our Friends who is an interior designer in Atlanta says that they do not even consider job applicants if they have a poor resume.

Don’t forget to mention that you will be open to opportunities in the near future as well. If your email is personalized for the company and the job role, you might end up getting selected for an opportunity.

Note: You can browse the LinkedIn profile of the company to search for the head of the HR department. Sending the mail directly to them instead of a general email id will get you more attention.

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  • Home Builders

If you look at major production Home Builders, you will notice that they have their own teams of interior designers. By applying to the relevant department of such companies, you might land up at a job that provides a better salary. The job of an interior designer working at these places is to help customers who are searching for the right items like countertops, cabinets, brick, and flooring. But before you apply for such jobs, you must know that these jobs would demand extra hours and weekend working days due to the workload.

  • Large Companies

The facilities department of large or multinational companies is hired to create a pleasing working atmosphere for their employees. Contact such companies in your area to check for the relevant vacancies. In this job, you will be required to work as the client of commercial furniture manufacturers, interior designers, and architects.

  • Showrooms

The showrooms which could have a job opening for you are Kitchen and Bath, fabric, and window covering showrooms. These places majorly employ interior designers as display professionals, window dressers, salesmen, or installers. You can either contact such places on the numbers mentioned on their website or the email ids of the HR department of the place.

Sources for finding the right job

Asking your social circle for job opportunities is the best way to find relevant jobs in the country. You must always look for opportunities when you are out in the world as networking with the right kind of people will help you in getting started in the industry.

Also, you can ask your college professors for penning down a letter of recommendation for you in the company where they think your talent will be utilized. You can also send your resume to temp agencies or recruitment agencies in your area to expand your scope for better opportunities.

Finding the right job through Job Websites

Start searching early for landing at the best job opportunities in your area. At least one month before your graduation, you must start looking for vacancies in your industry of choice to ensure that you find the best job by the time you graduate. Don’t hesitate to join as an intern if there is such a job opening in a company. It will help you get started in the right door by offering a better experience of the industry demands and shortcomings. Also, many companies immediately hire their interns as full-time employees after their internship period ends. As you’ve previously worked for such companies, you can ask for a better payment by keeping your experience on the table.

However, searching for job opportunities on websites is the best way to find a job for interior designers in the US. But you must be cautious before browsing on any website as many of them have been marked as unsafe. The websites which charge you for viewing the basic job opportunities in your area might be completely unsafe or unreliable.

Browse the list of trusted websites for your job search. Millions of people have found the job of their choice through these websites. You could be the next one!

  • Upwork
  • LinkedIn
  • Simply Hired
  • Zip Recruiter
  • Learn 4 Good
  • Indeed
  • Glassdoor

Get your application right

Now that you know the way to contact the companies or agencies, the next step is to make the right impression on your employers. You can do this by cross-checking your cover letter and resume for errors. Any typographical error will leave a negative impression on the person reading your application.

You can also impress the employer by personalizing your resume for the company and expressing your knowledge about their values. By answering how you are the best person to understand and value their beliefs and values by offering the best services, you can increase your chances of getting hired at the place of your choice.

Good luck!