Everybody today is into blogging of some or the other kind. Some like to do it as their hobby, while others tend to make their living from it.

Be it whatever purpose you are using your blogs for, do you really know how to write a good content?

Many people write whatever comes in their mind. They don’t really look out for some basic checks which would make their blogs look more appealing. For some categories, this might work. But for others, like sports blog, you need to be cautious of how you are creating your content.

One of my friends introduced me to this website, which looks after sports betting USA. Although I am not much into betting and similar things, but the website attracted me a lot for its presentation. And there are many other sports blog which I came across which are no where near perfection.

So I thought there are many people who need some nice tips on how to create good content for their sports blog. Here I am going to share few of those with you.

Break your content

Some believe that you need to have a lot of content for your posts. This is not an ideal approach though. Do not touch every topic with your single post. Make your topics a bit niche.

Now when you have a good topic in mind, gather the content from whichever sources you can, and break your content into different segments. Do not write your articles in one paragraph. Nor give long paragraphs without any break.

A good way is to break your content into small fragments, segregate them using headings and subheadings and make it appealing. Having shorter niches allow you to write in-depth knowledge of that topic without having to liquify them down.


Since it is a sports blog, it would be great if you can include statistics in your posts as well. For this, you can consider including top scorers, best performers, man of the match, etc. These things attract people instantly, and hence the traffic on your website would increase.

Images and Videos

Having just text posts seem quite boring. Include variety in your blog posts so that people feel indulged in the content. For this, you can include images and videos of top players or recent players who are making headlines.

People love variety. So along with images and videos, make sure your content is also appealing. Use of headings, bullet points, short paragraphs, etc. everything matters in an article.