If you are into web design, then you also must have gone through this difficult choice, whether to choose a laptop or a desktop. I am sure your colleagues also must have started giving you suggestions for the same. So what have you decided?

Technical people go with high end desktops when they prefer niche programming and coding. Many go with laptops when they enjoy mobility and its convenience. But it is better if you don’t fall prey to your colleagues’ suggestions.

Here we will help you out in deciding which system you should pick, if you are a web designer.


The digital world today is fastly evolving. And more than fixed office employees, people prefer freelancers or remote workers. Now if you fall in that category who is a freelancer, or if you are working remotely, you need something you can carry anywhere. It is not like you can stay at home all day long for your work.

One of the biggest advantages of remote working is that you can work from anywhere you like. And with laptop, you can easily carry on this freedom of mobility. Whether you like working while traveling, sitting in a cafe, or together with your friends, laptop is the best choice for you. Other than this, there are many more benefits to it, like

  • Visiting the clients with your work
  • This is light, compact, as well as powerful device.
  • Low cost, and great after sale value


If you have to work on projects that are more graphic intensive, then you might have to rethink if you are buying a laptop. For graphic intensive projects, desktop makes the best choice. Although you would be stuck to the office space now, but most of your laptop work is easily carried out by the desktop.

Some powerful benefits of Desktop include:

  • More RAM
  • Faster processing
  • You can add more monitors with the desktop facility, thereby expanding the horizon
  • Enhanced display, and so on.

When you are working with web design at a very high level, you need to make sure that your design looks very good. And what can be a better option now than the desktop’s enhanced display?


So what should you do now?

If you are working from office, and have high end designing requirements, then desktop is your answer. But if you are working remotely on minor projects here and there, then going with laptop’s mobility is the best for you.

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